I'm a property guru…There are three things to do that will save you hundreds – & why it's all about moving the sofa

AN EXPERT has revealed a list of things you can do that will save you hundreds on your utility bill.

With Brits suffering through cost-of-living crisis that could last more than another year, households all across the nation are looking for more ways to spend less.

But while the energy price cap is set to rise by a further £600 later this October, there are simple ways to minimise the expenses, according to a whizz.

Speaking to The Express, Holly Herbert from webuyanyhouse.co.uk revealed a few changes that could save homeowners hundreds of pounds on their utility bills.

Here, the property expert recommended ditching regular light bulbs and replacing them with LEDs.

This task, she claimed, could save a household up to £854 a year.

''LED bulbs use a fraction of the electricity compared to normal bulbs.

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“Most LEDs use at least 75 percent less energy, saving you a huge amount on your bill,'' Holly explained.

Another simple trick is moving your sofa away from the radiator.

This is because large pieces of furniture soak up heat and block it from moving around.

So if you place the sofa or armchairs in front of your radiator, the warmth won’t circulate around the room as effectively as it should.

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But by simply moving it, you could save up to a whopping £114 a year.

“Moving your sofa even six inches away from the radiator will allow heat to flow around the room much more effectively,” Holly said.

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“This can save you up to 10 percent on your bills.

''The more space between furniture and radiators the better, but because heat rises, you can get away with smaller gaps if you don’t have much space in the room.”

The whizz also reminded to not turn the heating on in empty rooms.

“If you have rooms in the house that you don’t use, turn the radiators off and close the doors, particularly in winter.

“This can cut your bill by as much as a third, depending on how many rooms you’re not using,'' she emphasised.

According to Holly's calculations, this could cut £376 off a family’s annual energy bill.

As well as pushing furniture away from radiators, it could also be a good idea to move it away from external walls, which could save you as much as a whopping £1,114 a year.

“If you can arrange your house so that most of the furniture sits against internal walls, you should feel warmer.

“You’ll feel the heat from throughout the house, rather than the cold seeping through from outside.

“This should allow you to have the heating on for shorter periods of time and reduce your bill by five to 10 percent.”

Another tip was shared by Rebecca Bland from Oust, who suggested using the kettle more effectively.

Sharing her expertise, the guru explained how limescale in kettles can “slow down their efficiency so they will use more energy to boil the same amount of water”.

“Descale your kettle and restore your appliance in eight minutes using Oust All-Purpose Descaler, which removes limescale debris on the internal coils of the kettle and maintains shorter boil times.

“If you live in a hard water area, descale every three months, and every six months in soft water areas.”

It is also important, she emphasised, to “not to overfill your kettle”.

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“Only use as much water as you need when you’re making tea or coffee,” she said.

If you want to use cheaper methods, try pouring vinegar in your kettle, leaving it for half an hour, and boiling the kettle to get rid of limescale.

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