I’m a real estate expert – my ‘stop-gap’ hack keeps your home warm in the winter without breaking your budget | The Sun

A REAL estate professional has shared her hot tips to keep your home warm in the wintertime.

She discussed her "stop-gap" hack that is not only easy to do but is a money-saving alternative for your house.

An agent at John Pye Real Estate (@johnpyerealestate) has utilized their over 20 years of experience to educate others online about the housing industry.

In a TikTok video, she shared several tips to stay warm as the weather gets colder that can also save you money.

"I've been in all types of different properties, and I've got some hot tips for how to keep your home warm this winter," she said.

She added that they were important due to the rising costs of living and electricity bills.

First, she told viewers to seal up all their gaps because it's important to stop cold air from coming into your home.

Next, she told viewers to close internal doors and any other entry points.

"If you're not using rooms in winter, make sure you close those doors to those rooms, " she explained.

In her third heating tip, she advised people to close their curtains and their blinds.

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She detailed that "it's very important to create a stop-gap between the outside air and the warm air inside."

For the fourth tip, she recommended "opening up your whole house."

"Push back your curtains and your blinds. Open up your windows. Open up your sliding doors, if you have them, and let that beautiful sunshine warm your home," she explained.

Lastly, the housing enthusiast said to keep your thermostat between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius, or about 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

"Sometimes we feel so cold that we just need to crank it up to 24 degrees Celsius [75 degrees Fahrenheit] on heat, but that's not an efficient way to heat your home," she explained.

Several viewers agreed with her advice and supportive words.

"Bubble wrap on the windows," one commented.

Another chimed in: "Forever yelling to close doors argh."

Others shared their frustration about the market in the comments.

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