I'm a sexpert – the foods you have to avoid before sex & why salad is turning you off

WE'VE all heard about the foods that can enhance your sex life – from oysters to olive oil, but what about the ones that are getting in the way?

Sexperts have revealed the ones that are lowering your sex drive and the ones that might put your partner off going anywhere near you and it's best to stay clear of the salad on date night.

Salad and raw vegetables

While raw vegetables are good for us, they can also be hard to digest and leave you feeling sluggish and bloated – not the ideal state of mind for a night under the sheets.

The sexperts at Love Honey explained: " Knowing the foods to stick to and the ones to watch before you get passionate under the sheets can make all the difference.

"Certain leafy greens such as cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale contain raffinose which is a sugar that the body does not digest until bacteria in your gut ferments it.

"This process produces gas that can make you bloat and fart more than normal."

So if you plan on getting it on with your partner after dinner – make sure your vegetables are fully cooked to prevent any sudden noises.


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You either love it or hate it – but it's never a good idea to have it before a steamy session.

The main compound of liquorice is what produces the distinctive taste, but it can also suppress testosterone production," said the sexperts.

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"Eating it can lead to an even lower sex drive if you are someone who has a weak libido."

If you are one of the rare types of people who do enjoy snacking on it – make sure you wait until after you're finished in the bedroom.

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Spicy food

Spicy food may be a good way to trigger labour – but it sure isn't going to help you conceive.

Even if you can handle the spice, it still creates acid reflux and means you'll be playing with fire in the bedroom.

The experts explained: "Tucking into a spicy dish is not ideal before you move to the bedroom so stay clear of those hot curries and dishes.

"It's a definite mood killer if you feel the need to run to the toilet multiple times a day!"


If you're planning on having fun, then you are probably already steering clear of eating garlic.

But bad breath is the least of your worries when it comes to this food.

They said: "Garlic can even impact the odour of other bodily fluids so unless you want your partner to know what you had for lunch, save the garlic bread for another day."

It's difficult to get rid of the smell of garlic, but eating apples has been proven to lessen the odour, say the BBC.


We all know the old rhyme about beans – and that's because there's meaning behind it!

"Beans can be difficult for the body to digest as they contain sugar molecules, resulting in gas when the bacteria reaches the colon," said the experts.

"Although baked beans have a reputation for making you fart, it’s best to stay clear of all kinds of beans if you don’t fancy a mid sex gas release."

not only does this musical food make you gassy – but it can also leave you bloated, meaning you'll feel sluggish instead of rearing to go.

Chewing gum and mints

If you're on your way to a certain someone's house, then you might think popping a mint or chewing gum in will be doing them a favour.

But you couldn't be more wrong, the sexperts explained: "Chewing without swallowing creates an influx of air which will create a build of wind in your stomach.

"This then leads to more farting and even more burping than usual."

Instead of chewing on one or five mints, it's best to bring a toothbrush and have a proper clean before getting up close and personal.


It may seem romantic to share a cheeseboard and some wine – but it could get in the way of your future plans.

"Cheese is one to watch, especially if your body does not agree with lactose," they said.

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"The potential stomach problems can be a real turn off when you try and get down to business so you may thank yourself for planning ahead."

Some cheese may get the go ahead but you should definitely stay away from mozzarella, cottage cheese and ricotta if you're planning a night of passion.

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