I'm a teacher – my biggest outfit fail happened in the classroom and the students called me out for it | The Sun

THIS teacher had a huge outfit fail in the classroom and her students called her out for it.

Everyone is bound to have a slip up when it comes to styling themselves, but it's even worse when you get mocked for it – especially by a whole classroom of kids.

Ari, an eight grade teacher who goes by @1ofnine on TikTok, shared one of these embarrassing experiences in a video to her followers.

"Do you wanna know what kind of day I'm having?" she asked her viewers.

"I found out that I put my sweater on backwards and they all started laughing at me," she said, lifting back the neck of her sweater to show the clothing tag.

Ari explained that the kids asked her "are your pants on backwards too?"

"I was like no see the pockets go in the back that makes sense," said Ari as she turned around to show her pant pockets.

However, she made an embarrassing revelation in the restroom.

"But guess what? I just went to the bathroom and I have them on backwards," she said, pulling the tag from her pants to show her viewers.

"Literally my shirt and my pants today are on backwards," said Ari in disbelief.

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She captioned the video: "TALK ABOUT A TUESDAY."

Every teacher has had those days in the classroom that they just need to vent about.

Another teacher on TikTok showed how hard she works to get her students' attention in a video.

She's seen climbing on a chair and doing a funky dance routine in the video with text that reads: "Me doing everything I can to get my student's attention."

She did admit to making a grammar mistake in her video text and viewers were quick to notice it.

One commenter simply wrote: "Students’ (plural)."

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