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A VET has revealed what they really think about certain dog breeds – and some may just surprise you.

Jacky Kulish, who is from the US and is an emergency veterinarian, took to TikTok and shared a video where she's seen discussing various breeds of our four-legged friends – from a Husky and German Shepherd to a Chihuahua.

In the clip, she begins: "What your vet thinks when you bring different breeds in their office.

"Your cat is either thinking of either 15 ways to kill me, or he's going to purr so loud the whole time I can't even hear his heart."

She moves onto dogs and says: "I wish I could intubate your Bulldog just for fun so he can have 15 seconds of interrupted breathing for the first time in his life.

"If we have to take your Husky to the back and he starts screaming, I promise we're not hurting him, he's just being dramatic."


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Jacky then quips: "I really want to know how many foreign body surgeries your Lab has had for eating stuff he shouldn't be eating.

"Your Staffie or your Pit or your Terrier mix, whatever you have, is probably an angel and is probably the best patient we'll have all day."

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As for the breed she's most scared of – Jacky admits it's the smallest of them all.

"I'm terrified of your Chihuahua and he's probably going to try and bite me more than any of my other patients will," she explains.

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"Your German Shepherd is probably really friendly, really loving at home, but he's probably going to be really difficult for us."

"Your Pug is probably going to be hell a dramatic and probably won't let me touch him."

Jacky captioned the post: "All in good fun, I love all my patients equally!"

The video has since garnered an impressive 1.6 million views and been flooded with comments online.

"My Husky literally cries over anything that doesn’t go his way," wrote one.

A second quipped: "My cat screamed when they took her back. The tech popped her head in and said 'we haven’t even done anything yet. She’s just being dramatic.'"

A third recalled: "My chocolate lab swallowed a pine cone."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "My vet called me to pick my Husky up after his surgery because he was screaming so loud and causing all the dogs to cry."

Another agreed: "Husky owner here, HONEY BELIEVE ME I KNOW. For the first year of her life my neighbors probably thought I was killing my dog during bath time."

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A further penned: "The German shepherd is spot on. My vet has a note in my sister’s shepherd’s record that says “cooperates better without owner in room.”

And one more added: "Dude!! All the techs and staff come into our room to see my Pittie on every visit. (I mean EVERYONE in the building) He’s their favourite patient."

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