I’m a Vinted superseller – I’ve bagged £1k in 3 months by flogging stuff I don’t want… my tips so YOU can make money | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the tips she used to make £1000 selling her clothes on vinted in just three months. 

The fashion fan says she follows stick rules when selling clothes online to try and get the most profit out of her items and keep customers coming back. 

Oluwaseun shared her tips in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “I've made over £1,000 selling my clothes on vinted these past three months and I’m going to share with you my top 10 tips." 

Firstly Oluwaseun said: “Steam and iron your clothes. It makes a huge difference when you wanna make a sale, nobody wants to pay for wrinkly clothes especially when they are luxury items."

The fashion fans' next tip is to always add clear and detailed imagery. 

Oluwaseun said: “Don't worry if you think your background isn’t aesthetically pleasing enough. Nobody cares about there as long as it’s clean and fresh and you can see the product then it should be totally fine." 

The vinted pro says it is also good to share multiple photos as well as brand and care labels so her customers know the washing needs of the clothes they buy from her.

Oluwaseun said: “If you're wearing the outfit in the picture, you probably should make sure it’s a clean and decent looking background.”

She argues people will be put off if you share a photo from a visibly messy room. 

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The Vinted pro said you should always add clear product descriptions. 

She said: “I’ve put the brand name, I’ve put the colour, that it's oversized, I put the size. It’s really good to add the RP (retail price) if you can.”


Oluwaseun explains that you can share recommendations and modifications as well. For example if a dress comes up large on you because you're tall, you can say someone short may like it as a dress. 

The fashion fan’s next tip is to be honest about the condition of your item regardless of how bad it as as shoppers will always appreciate honesty.

Oluwaseun said her next tip is to respond quickly to requests and try to be as polite as possible. 

She said she will always offer more photos or measure lengths if someone asks. 

The fashion fan said sellers shouldn't be too greedy, as Vinted is a second hand shopping site and people do want to find good deals.

Oluwaseun said if you are too eager it will put shoppers off so wait for them to come to you. 


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The Vinted pro also recommends you post sales as soon as you can and re-upload if an item isn’t selling.

She said: “Maybe it will get some fresh eyes and some traction on the item.”

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