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BEING an elegant woman means knowing how to behave – especially in public.

There are a handful of smart tips to keep up with for anyone who wants to be considered classy.

A TikToker and elegance coach from the @everygirlsfavpage social media page has 12 pieces of advice to share.

According to her, following these guidelines will help you appear as elegant as ever.

Her first tip is to wear simple jewelry.

Clunky jewelry can come across as tacky rather than elegant in too many cases.

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Small diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, and necklaces are the way to go.

Tip number two is to practice good posture.

If you're hunched over when you're walking and sitting, it doesn't look elegant.

Having a straight back exudes confidence and self-assuredness.

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Her third tip is not to use foundation sticks with concealer when doing your makeup.

She says it looks more natural to avoid this makeup technique altogether.

Rather, choose one or the other between foundation and concealer for a better final look.

Her next tip is to stick with solid and neutral colors when shopping for clothes.

"[It creates] a clean look," she explains.

Bright colors stand out in a crowd, but they aren't very elegant according to her.

After that, she suggests using a highlighter makeup palette on your eyelids.

It adds a glossy finish, she explains.

Highlighter usage doesn't have to just be reserved for your nose and cheekbones.

Her next tip is all about nail care and the way it relates to your overall image.

"Always keep your nails looking nice. Even if it's just cutting them or applying clear polish," she says.

Broken nails and chipped polish will instantly take away from a classy appearance.

Next, she shares a piece of advice for women who wear makeup on a daily basis.

She says: "[Add] blush on your cheeks. It makes you look more spring-like."

Since spring is a season of warm colors and happy moods, it's nice to be reminiscent of it.

After that, she clarifies that the amount of makeup you wear each day will also make a difference.

She advises her viewers to wear minimal makeup if possible.

Too much makeup can cause anyone's face to look cakey, old, and dried out.

Wearing lipstick the right way is another elegance tip on her list.

"When wearing lipstick, [apply it with your] fingers, as it gives a more blotted look," she says.

Directly applying lipstick to your lips can create an image that isn't as classy as you might hope.

Another elegance tip she has is to ignore the negativity that might come your way from others.

Stressing about negative energy from others will only weigh you down.

If you focus on the positives in life, you'll be in a much better mental situation.

The way you talk to others is another huge focus area, she mentions.

She says: "Speak softly and use manners."

It's important to be gentle when having conversations in order to leave a good impression.

Finally, she covers the importance of keeping your eyes up when you're walking places.

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In other words, you should never be staring at the ground or your feet in an insecure way.

If you're looking up throughout your travels, you'll be able to easily catch eye contact with other people.

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