I’m an interior designer and these trends make you look SO tacky – avoid glittery grout and disco balls at all costs | The Sun

TRENDS come and go, but one interior designer has revealed the current interior trends that should be avoided.

While many people are adding glittery grout and disco balls into their homes, Nick Lewis revealed they just look tacky.

In a YouTube video, Nick revealed five current trends that are not worth getting.

Glittery Grout

Nick said he's seen the trend go viral on TikTok and added: "I don't think I'm a glitter grout person if I'm honest."

"Here's the thing glitter grout is tricky because glitter is tricky.

"I think it's screaming trying too hard to look flashy and it looks cheap and gaudy."


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Disco balls

Another recent trend that has come back is disco balls, but Nick is not a fan.

The interior expert said it makes your house look like a fun house.

And what's weirder for Nick is that they are often added to refined interior designs where they really don't belong.

Nick added that disco ball objects such as plant pots are even worse and 'not pleasing.'

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Wrought Iron furniture

"I always found it to be classic but not in a comfortable way,' Nick explains.

While we are often used to seeing it in outdoor furniture it is now becoming trendy to use it indoors.

The expert said: "Which I particularly don't care for because it's horribly uncomfortable and why would you subject your guests to sit on it?"

Terrazza sofa

The design is from the 70s and Nick said it should be left there.

Nick explained lots of celebrities have them in their home because they think it's 'retro' and 'cool' – but disagrees.

The original design took inspiration from the mountains on the Alpes but "to me, it looks like a poop emoji," said Nick.

Extra tall table lamps

Tall table lamps may be everywhere at the moment, but they won't age well.

"They look ridiculous," said the interior expert.

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Table lamps shouldn't be avoided but make sure you buy one that fits the space you have.

Nick suggests: "Buy a table lamp that fits the space that you have on your table, that I think is the lesson that we should all take away when it comes to choosing pieces for our home."

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