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AN INTERIOR designer has revealed that people always make a big mistake in their kitchen when it comes to their countertop. 

Loren Kreiss, the CEO and Creative Director of Kreiss Design & Home Furnishings explained that if you want your home to look stylish and expensive, you must avoid porcelain countertops.

Posting on TikTok under the username @lorenkreiss, the interior whizz explained that porcelain countertops chip easily and will make your space look cheap. 

He said: “Here's a little piece of advice – don't use porcelain countertops.

“People are going to tell you that they're indestructible and affordable, but you know what? They've chipped on every project I've used them on.

“And I'm sorry to tell you that they often look cheap and fake.” 

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He later added: “I’ve owned it and used it multiple times.

“Never had success with it.” 

At the time of writing, the clip had clearly stunned many, as it had amassed 73,700 views. 

It had 2,270 likes, 86 comments, 254 saves and 108 shares. 

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Many social media users agreed with Loren’s claims and took to the comments to share their thoughts. 

One person said: “Agreed!!” 

Another added: “Porcelain is a nightmare to fabricate. we will not fabricate it period. it chips and cracks” to which Loren replied “Totally.” 

A third commented: “I agree 100%. I work for a fabricator and porcelain its hard to construct and the edges often come out with microchips.” 

Someone else chimed in: “Yes thank you, finally someone said it!” 

At the same time, other TikTok users revealed the countertops they prefer.

One user noted: “Quartzite is the best for countertops.” 

Another posted: “Granite or marble only.” 

Whilst a third claimed: “Sintered stone. Has all the advantages of quartz and better against UV than quartz.” 

Loren then shared a follow-up video, sharing his advice for the kitchen countertops that he prefers. 

He explained: “Here are the top kitchen counter options we’ve been using in our projects. 

“Like everything we do, we’re going light and natural.

“For natural stone, we like a limestone, like a mocha cream, Navona Travertine or Daino Reale marble.

“For Quartzite which is a little bit easier to maintain, we like Perla Veneta and for those of you who prefer Ceaserstone, we’ve been using Adamina 5222.” 

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