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WHETHER you’re flicking through Pinterest or Instagram, you’re bound to come across a neutral or grey living room.

But while this was once the epitome of on-trend and chic, home experts now consider this to be a big style sin – and it’s making your place look cheap and tacky in the process.

However, the neutral colour palette is not the only home faux pas that interior fans need to take note of. 

According to two interior design experts – Zara O’hare from Land of Rugs and Raf Michalowski from Meble Furniture – there are five golden rules when it comes to decorating your home.

And the most important takeaway is that trends should not be followed blindly. 

Instead, Zara tells Fabulous: “Style is mostly personal – quality and thoughtful design choices always trump fleeting trends that can’t stand the test of time.” 


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Here, Zara and Raf have their say on those trends that should most definitely stay in the past, as well as how you can fix them if you’ve already bought into them.


Thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch, grey interiors became many people’s go-to – but it seems that should no longer be the case.

While cool-toned neutrals, like greys and icy blues, can help to create a calming atmosphere, most actually have the opposite effect.

Now, cool-toned neutrals are considered cold and uninviting – so what’s the solution?

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Raf Michalowsk explains: “Why not consider introducing warm accents into your decor? 

“For example, simply incorporating elements like wooden furniture, vibrant artwork, or cosy textiles can instantly transform a space.”


They’re the boomerang trend of interior design, as they’ve been in, out and then in again. 

And in recent years limewash walls have once again had a noticeable resurgence in popularity, with many opting for the rustic and textured appearance. 

But Zara O’hare has warned how the vintage-inspired design can look cheap if not executed with care. 

She says: “Whilst limewash walls can look stunning in the right setting, they can also appear garish if it’s done haphazardly or in spaces with minimal lighting.

“For example, in a modern and minimalist home, applying limewash to all your walls might clash with the overall aesthetic. 

“Consider using this technique as an accent wall or in rooms with a more traditional or rustic feel.”


We all know how expensive furniture can be – and the search is tough to find something that is both cost-effective and comfortable. 

But one item of furniture that should be banned from all homes is the foam variety. 

Raf reveals: “Low-quality pieces often lack durability and style, and they tend to lose their shape much faster than well-crafted alternatives.

“By filling your space with foam furniture, you're essentially applying a dense coat of harmful industrial foam onto furniture that otherwise was just fine.

“Foam furniture should firmly remain a thing of the past.”


Another common design myth is that everything in your home should have a matching colour palette. 

But Zara says she finds the opposite to be true – and that doing so can make it look bland and uninspired.

So she recommends: “Instead of choosing all your furniture, curtains, and accessories in the same colour family, experiment with complementary tones, textures and/or patterns.” 


If you wandered into any furniture store, you will be greeted by lots of different options.

And when it comes to chairs, there's certain to be a plastic variety on display.

But they are more commonly associated with outdoor or casual spaces rather than formal or upscale interiors, according to the experts.

Raf says: “Plastic chairs can often clash with the decor and style of a room.

“Whether it's a modern, traditional, or eclectic design scheme, plastic chairs may appear out of place, disrupting the overall aesthetic harmony.


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“They also lack the texture that wooden or upholstered furniture provides. This absence of tactile interest can make a home feel less inviting and visually engaging.”

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