I'm fat – I've been dress coded & kicked out of clubs but what trolls hate most is that I have a skinny boyfriend | The Sun

MANY of us like to go out for a night on the town to let our hair down.

But one woman reveals to Fabulous that she was stopped from doing so three times – just because she's plus-size.

Alex Aspasia, 28, who is from Florida, US, is asix-foot, plus-size model and body-positive content creator and has revealed how she was kicked out of three clubs while visiting LA for a modelling opportunity.

And while people online have trolled her for speaking up about being booted out of the evening joints – there's one thing they hate more.

The fact Alex has a skinny boyfriend.

Alex reveals that she has been with her partner for almost five years, but it still riles people up to see a big woman with a skinny guy.


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She says: "People will tell me 'Oh, poor man, she's going to smoosh him to death', or 'he's desperate', or 'she must be paying him to be in a relationship'. I mean, the worst things you could think of."

Alex decided to make her relationship public online to show people big girls can be with skinny guys without it being fetishized.

Alex explains: "You always hear those stereotypes of chubby chasers, or they fetishize you, or they want to keep you a secret.

"We never get to see an actual healthy relationship, where people just cherish and love each other for what it is."

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But Alex and her boyfriend of five years don't listen to the haters and Alex reveals sharing their relationship has brought about a lot of positivity too.

She explains: "On the flip side, you know, I get positivity, people are like, maybe I can find a partner who will like me, or maybe I am worthy enough to find love."

In a TikTok video that went viral, Alex and her friend sat at a gas station eating chips after being refused entry into a nightclub.

Alex and her friend decided to head to a nightclub/restaurant to get food when they were stopped by the security guard.

She recalls that the hostess was going to get the general manager to see if they could find a table for Alex.

While waiting, she made small talk with the security guard – who made the pair feel unwelcome.

Alex explains: "The way this man just like looked me up and down, he just had this look of disgust on his face," finally the general manager came over, but told Alex there was no room.

Alex claims that soon after she saw the general manager let in a group of five men and two 'traditional skinny' women.

In the video, Alex says: "POV – You can't get into a nightclub in LA because you're F-A-T."

The video garnered a negative from people online, says Alex who recalls comments such as 'What you need to do is you need to go to the gym and stop worrying about trying to get into a club,' and 'we don't want beached whales in our club.'

Alex explains that nobody outright said she wasn't allowed in because of her size, but still felt like she was judged on that factor alone.

"That's the issue that I'm finding as it's hard to articulate in words sometimes because no one looked at us directly and said, you're fat, you can't get in," she adds.

Alex adds that it happened on two other occasions while in LA, but didn't discuss the incidents online.

The model reveals that her weight has always been a focal point of her life as she thinks back to her younger years – and now wants to prove that size really doesn't matter.

Alex says: "My weight was very much hyper-focused, I was always on diets weighing myself, being compared to people.

"And so growing up, I didn't have the best self-esteem."

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"I thought I should put myself out there and show people that it's okay that you can wear when you want to wear, you can date who you want to date, you can travel.

"You can lead a life that is worthwhile and be fat at the same time."

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