I’m trolled for my ‘non-existent boobs’ but I won’t let that stop me from wearing low-cut tops | The Sun

WHEN a woman was teased online for her flat chest and slim frame, she took to TikTok to share the cruel commentary with her followers.

They were quick to reassure her that her "non-existent" chest was easier to handle, but she wasn't worried.

When content creator Kassy learned that Reddit users were making fun of her slim build, she recorded a response video – but she wasn't arguing with the trolls.

Sporting a romper with a cropped halter top and midriff cutouts, Kassy lip-synched to a viral sound clip.

In the caption, she wrote that the video captured her reaction "after I get trolled on Reddit for having non-existent boobs."

"Okay, fair!" Kassy mouthed along with the sound clip, gesturing at her chest and laughing. "Okay, so…lies, there are none."


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Kassy revealed in a comment that Reddit users even encouraged her to get breast augmentation to improve her looks.

"They also said I was a four, but if I got a boob job I could be a seven," she wrote, clarifying that she found the comments funny.

Despite Kassy's confidence, her followers were quick to leave supportive feedback and try to protect her feelings.

"You’re a ten. Anyone who says elsewise is full of s**t," said one commenter.

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Another said that the trolls had a point but it didn't matter.

"Well, they are small, but who cares, you are still lovely," he wrote.

"Hear me out though," wrote one fan of smaller chests, "it's better this way."

Others agreed with that statement, though the reasons for the preference ranged widely.

According to one man, small breasts tend to stay perky for longer, which was a plus.

A more "creative" commenter wrote, "I can hear your heartbeat better this way."

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Despite the handful of unsettling intimate comments, Kassy's comment section was full of people who agreed size doesn't always matter.

"I personally could care less," wrote one man who said chest size isn't important in a partner. "I love her she loves me. I’m good."

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