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MUM-OF-FIVE and telly fav Stacey Solomon sure knows how to mark an occasion in style – and of course, December is no different.

But despite her staggering £5 million net worth, the Tap To Tidy icon ups the ante when it comes to the festive season, transforming her home into a winter wonderland for her family, all whilst on a budget. 

As with everyone, Stacey, 34, has traditions that she goes back to each year – and this year, the crafty mum has continued to prove herself as the Queen of DIY, with her epic homemade festivities.

From DIY crackers to homemade nutcrackers, not only has Stacey shown off her arty side, but she’s also proudly debuted ‘the ugliest Christmas tree of all time’ too – proving that this year, the decorations are all about keeping the kids happy. 

The Loose Women panellist has created a cosy Christmas for her family of "pickles" with an eye-catching door display, and of course, has made sure to make time for a few festive days out too.

‘The ugliest Christmas tree of all time’

There’s no doubt about it – Stacey goes all out when it comes to her Christmas tree, changing the theme each year to update the look.

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From DIY decorations to the 'ugliest' tree ever, here's a close-up look at how the busy mum-of-five is celebrating the festive season this yearCredit: Instagram

Back in 2018, Stacey set up a pretty in pink tree with pink fluff, baubles, flowers, ornaments and even a peacock.

In 2020, Stacey’s tree was silver themed with ornaments in metallic, white and black colours.

However, this year, Stacey has gone traditional, and has confessed to having ‘the ugliest Christmas tree of all time’.

Sharing a clip on Instagram, we saw Stacey decorate her Christmas tree with colourful lights, bright decorations and even a moving train track.

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As her youngsters looked in awe at the tree, Stacey wrote: “My Childhood Christmas Tree which will now be their childhood Christmas tree.

“Honestly I don’t mind one bit if everyone thinks this is the ugliest Christmas tree of all time.

“I feel like I’ve gone back in time & my 90s Christmas childhood threw up on our tree.

“But seeing how much the pickles LOVE it has warmed my whole heart.

“My mum brought round her old Xmas lights a while ago & instantly I got the warmest, happiest feeling of Christmas as a kid. 

“I love a good colour scheme & a posh looking tree but as soon as I saw our childhood Xmas lights I couldn’t wait to bring my childhood memories of Christmas back to life on our tree this year. 

“I’m not joking since I finished decorating it, they all pull pillows up to it & just stare at it. They’re mesmerised.

“Did anyone else have a tree like this? Tiny foil crackers, foil flower lights, chocolate presents? Random wooden ornaments.

“Happy Christmas 2023 everyone. Hope this makes you smile as much as it has us.

“P.S I don’t know how that train around the tree is defying gravity like that. It’s giving “mum definitely put that on wrong”.”

OTT door display

Not only has Stacey decorated the inside of her home, but of course, she’s gone all out outside too.

Recently, Stacey melted fans' hearts after posing for her annual Christmas photo with her family outside Pickle Cottage.

The mum-of-five has once again given her gorgeous home a huge festive glow up and gathered her hubby and their brood for a new doorway picture.

Complete with red baubles, leaves, a Christmas wreath and stars, Stacey showed off her Nutcracker-themed entrance after creating her own giant props for the festive scene.

Stacey's eldest son Zachary, 16, towered over his mum while 11-year-old Leighton wasn't far behind.

Hubby Joe Swash, meanwhile, was crouched on the floor with their three young children in the new picture – son Rex, four and daughters Rose, two, and seven-month-old Belle.

DIY decorations – Nutcrackers, crackers, and bells 

If you noticed the giant nutcracker outside Stacey’s home, you might be stunned to know that she actually made the life-size Christmas decoration herself from scratch. 

Stacey explained how every time she saw a giant nutcracker in the shops, it always came with an extortionate price tag.

Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she made her very own using bargain buys, which included three buckets, some guttering and pipe insulation.

In a clip posted to Instagram, the mum-of-five shared the journey from beginning to end – and it's no surprise that she's "proud" of the final results.

Alongside the video, she penned: "I made a giant nutcracker, it’s taller than me & Joe & almost hits the ceiling.

"I actually love him – we’ve named him Neil! He’s made out of 3 buckets, some guttering & some pipe insulation – and he was SUPER easy."

She went on to say that every time she sees a giant nutcracker "it's hundreds of pounds or it looks sooo complicated."

"So I hope this inspires anyone who wants to make one to grab a bucket and go for it," she continued.

But it’s not just a nutcracker that Stacey has made – she also crafted her own DIY crackers too. 

Rather than buying crackers brand new, the DIY whizz has made her own this year, as she proudly showed them off online and wrote: “So Proud Of These DIY Crackers. What do you think?

“They’re super easy & it was so much fun choosing the surprises! I’ve put a car in for Rex, a dummy for Belle, some lipgloss for Rose.

“Honestly so much better than a plastic thimble or a random golf tee.

“I’ve used an old wallpaper roll but you can use thin card or thick wrapping paper. 

“And the bits inside you can grab from around the house.

“In the adult ones I’ll use sample perfumes & aftershaves I’ve collected from my Xmas shopping (always ask for samples).

“But I just love that they’re all personalised, with personal gifts & no one else will have these crackers.”

And if that wasn’t enough, Stacey also made her own giant Christmas bells too. 

She turned two old space hoppers into giant gold bells to be included in her front door display – but not everyone was impressed.

Using gold spray paint she covered the Spider-Man toy and drew on the holes and lines, adding a red bow for a final touch.

Sharing a video of her creation, she wrote: "DIY Giant Christmas Bells for the Christmas door. So I carried on making bits for the front door today. Last year I made some giant baubles from the kids toy balls and I LOVED THEM."

However, despite Stacey's excitement, not everyone appreciated her creative genius.

"I've woken up this morning to a lot of you messaging me saying 'Stace, your Christmas bells are s*** I'm laughing because I thought they were really good, and I was like 'yeah, smashed it again, made some amazing Christmas bells'" she said on her story.

"And you lot are like 'what is that Stacey, it's s***'. It's really tickled me", the TV star laughed.

"Look, I think this is really a good lesson to learn. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, clearly, one. And two, not every craft is a winner. Not every craft looks amazing at the end of it."

"And loads of you say to me, 'Stace if I made that it would look rubbish, why do you make everything look so nice?'"

"Well, I don't, clearly! Sometimes people love them and they work, and sometimes they don't!" she laughed.

"I still stand by that when they are amongst all the other Christmas stuff at the front door, they'll look good and they'll make sense,"

"But to be honest I thought they looked good anyway so I'm obviously a bit delusional."

Fun-filled family days out

When Stacey isn’t busy crafting, she made sure to squeeze in a few days out with her little ones.

Just days ago, the star took her youngest, Belle, to meet Santa at Lapland for the first time.

The busy mum shared a selection of gorgeous snaps of the magical moment on Instagram, as she penned: “When Belle met Santa.

"I actually feel so emotional that this time last year I was pregnant with Belle & now she’s here & it’s her first Christmas & by the time it’s over she will be 1 already. Time is a thief.

“I’ve actually never had a child who loved meeting Santa like Belle did today. And she’s the 5th.

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“She found him hilarious & seeing Rose & Rex get excited watching her was so magical.” 

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