I’ve been body-shamed during sex – one man said the position made me look fat & another even suggested I go to the gym | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the body-shaming comments she's heard from blokes, with one even suggesting she worked out more.

With more than a billion active monthly users, TikTok has become the home to what feels like a never-ending stream of viral trends.

Amongst them is the so-called ''passport challenge'', which gives you an instant face lift in minutes, the Point of View (POV) trend where one bottle girl explained what it's like working in a posh club, and now the Kyle and Jackieo.

Here, social media users dance to the now-popular tune whilst revealing the different types of comments they've heard about their appearance, dating and other areas of life.

The trend has taken the platform by storm, with over 17,000 videos, amongst of which was one by Olivia Nilsson, a Swedish stunner.

In a clip, which has gone viral, racking up more than 500,000 views injust three days, the woman blasted some music whilst revealing the different body-shaming remarks blokes have said to her during sex.

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''Things men i have dated has said to me [sic],'' read the text alongside the footage of her dancing in an oversized sweatshirt.

According to Olivia, who had appropriately captioned the video ''Boys'', one person had once made a rude comment in the midst of their most intimate moments.

''you look vert fat in this position,'' the guy had deemed in necessary to say.

In another instance, one of her dates had noticed her stretch marks which seemed to have left him baffled, as he asked: ''haha what the hell is this?''

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During her time of having dated blokes, the Swedish beauty was even once met by a comment which suggested she worked out more.

''maybe you should go to the gym, do some squats,'' a guy gave his very valuable opinion.

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Speaking of the intimate moments and Olivia's love life, the young woman has also encountered someone who went as far as comparing her with adult movie actresses.

''Why can't you be as good in bed as these [corn emoji] stars?''

Reflecting on her experiences, Olivia continued in the comments: ''I don’t know if this has to do with weight at all, just stupid boys who don’t know better than commenting a womans body [sic].''

The TikTok clip has blown up and has seen more than 400 comments, with many left outraged.

''Man, they really don't perceive us as human beings,'' thought one person.

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Someone else thought it's probably best to not be dating anyone: ''What a great day to be single.''

A third also had a rather unfortunate experience of being body-shamed by their partner: ''My ex said with a smile that he loved dating a girl that didn’t look good from every angle… I left.''

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