I've been trolled for my unique eyebrow my whole life – I hated it so much I used to shave it, now I don’t get the fuss | The Sun

A WOMAN who has been trolled for her unique eyebrow her entire life has finally learned to embrace it.

Marianna took to TikTok to share a video of herself doing her make-up, as she reflected on the amount of bullying she's had to deal with over her brow.

"You guys go f**king feral over my eyebrow," she said.

"I’ve struggled with people commenting on my eyebrows literally my entire life but I’ve never had people get so mad over it.

"They’re like, ‘You can brush it down, you’re lying’."

In fact, when she was growing up, Marianna became so self-conscious about her eyebrow that she tried to shave it.

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"Growing up I hated it so much that I would literally cut it down and it looked even worse," she said, showing a picture of how it looked back in the day.

"Now I kind of embrace it."

Not only that, but having such a uniquely-shaped eyebrow runs in her family.

"It is genetic," she said.

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"My mum has one, my grandma had both of them, so if you don’t believe me, I’ll show you pictures of my mum’s and my grandma’s.

"You can even see it when I was a baby.

"I don’t know why people insist on me ‘faking it’ but now you know."

"I think it’s so cute , don’t know what they are talking about," one person commented on the video.

"It's so cute!" another wrote.

"i think it’s really cute that it’s genetic," a third said.

"I have that too! It goes downwards on one side and I still try to like laminate it on my face lol," someone else commented.

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