I've got a big bum – the seven comments I always hear, I can’t walk about without feeling attacked

A MAKE-UP artist has gone viral after revealing what it's like having a big bum.

In the recent months, there has been one trend that's taken TikTok by storm – POV, or Point of View, where, like the name suggests, people reveal their point of view in different situations.

Amongst them was Savannah Williams who uploaded a clip titled ''POV:you got a fat a**'' where she shared the seven different comments she hears when out and about.

Amongst those noticing Savannah's bum is a group of construction workers who will catcall and say: ''wow boys look.''

Perhaps a little more directapproach was followed by two younger blokes.

''Yo baby let me hit that from behind,'' is what the blonde beauty claimed to hear whenever she walks past.

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The third admirer is a gym fanatic who also seems to appreciate the sight of Savannah's big bum.

''You never seem to skip leg day by the looks of it.''

But it's not just men who notice the make-up artist's bottom – women will also make comments, according to Savannah.

Here, in the video, she had inserted an image of a slim woman who says: ''Thick thighs save lives girl.''

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Older women seem to make remarks on the blonde's physique too, saying: ''That's a fat bum.''

Savannah continued the viral clip with a snap of a man who appeared to be older than her.

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''Show me more please,'' is what she would allegedly hear whenever walking past a bloke like this.

However, whilst for the most part it appeared Savannah's bum was favoured by many, that doesn't mean she doesn't hear the odd negative comment here and there.

As an example, the make-up whizz uploaded a photo of Mean Girls.

Here, the group of young women would wonder: ''Omg why is she sticking her bum out.''

''Can’t walk around without feeling attacked,'' Savannah continued in the comments, where she also added that she felt as if she couldn't wear tight bottoms.

The clip has taken the internet by storm, racking up close to 100,000 views and many comments.

One person begged: ''Seriously I’m sure you get this a lot but donate me some.''

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Someone else wrote: ''Complaining about people complimenting you?, strange world.''

''Constant anxiety whenever u go anywhere it’s the WORST thing,'' read the top comment that's been liked by other 122 people.

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