I've had a glow-up since high school – people say I'm in my 'med student baddie era,' I go to raves when I'm off work | The Sun

A MED student's transformation from her high school days has been described as one of the "best glow-ups ever" by fans.

This lady works hard and plays hard and has embraced her "med student baddie era" with a passion.

Outside work hours, she likes nothing better than the wild abandon of a rave.

It's a far cry from Julia Med Student's (@juliarose.med) high school days.

Since then, the young lady has matured into a fitter and more glamorous version of herself.

In her post, she demonstrated the transformation, captioning her video: “Just give her a few years.”

Then she added images from her school days: “Senior year of high school," she wrote.

The clincher came when she arrived for medical school in Boston.

“To medical year 3," she said. "Glow-up transition [from] high school to med school."

Julia's TikTok has had a huge appeal.

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At the last count over 245,000 were following her and there were another 5.5 million likes.

The contrast between her professional life and her social life has fascinated her audience.

“Dancing and doctoring," is how she describes her week.

In another post, she explained why rave culture was so important to her.

“I love going to raves because I feel I can dress and be whoever I want," she explained to her viewers.

“At work especially training to be a doctor, I’m wearing scrubs every single day, I’m wearing no makeup."

Raving gave her the opportunity to step out of her working life and become someone else altogether, and dance to her heart's delight.

"It feels so nice to be able to dress up and do full makeup, wear a crazy outfit, and be me, my authentic self," she said.

Commenters loved her approach to life.

“Queen, you’re in your med student baddie era. We love to see it," said one person.

Another insisted hers was “one of the best glow-ups ever.”

One more commenter was in awe of this med student.

“Looks great the whole time but you glow at the end," they said.

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