I’ve lived without heating for 6 years – my top tips for staying warm at home & why ROCKS will be your new best friend | The Sun

A WOMAN who has managed to live without heating for six whole years has shared her top tips to keep warm during the winter months. 

Known as KT, the woman took to her social media to share money-saving tips as someone “who’s lived in a house with no A/C or heat for six years”. 

Dressed in a grey T-shirt as she posed in front of her bathroom mirror, she explained that the first thing you need to know is that “layers are your best friend”. 

“You don’t like how it is, put something else on,” she said. “Still too cold? Put something else on!” 

She then warned viewers not to turn the heat on as it will make the bills “skyrocket”, which is not the ideal – especially during the cost of living crisis. 

The second tip she gave viewers was to take advantage of heating pads and electric blankets.

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“Why? They retain the heat even if they’ve been off for an hour,” she explained. 

Next, she said you should triple layer your socks and trousers, adding that you could put on some leggings underneath your jeans. 

“Also, it’s ok to wear a onesie!” she added. 

In a second video, TikTok user @hatch.green.chile.addict told viewers how to keep warm in the winter without being able to use electricity to your advantage.

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Lifting a bedsheet to reveal a pile of clothes underneath, she said: “No dryer? No problem! Stick everything under the covers and everything will be warm in the morning.” 

She then brought a pot of water to boil before removing it from the hob  that was on. She then placed several rocks inside the water to warm them up. 

Once they were warm enough, she took them out to dry before placing them in her gloves. 

She then placed a much bigger rock into the boiling water, which she left for five minutes. 

The heating expert then placed the rock inside a big towel, covering it completely before placing it at the foot of the bed. 

“Your feet will be warm,” she said. 

What clever heating hacks do you have?

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