Kate Middleton reportedly swears by £40 Amazon anti-ageing skin product

Skin ageing is a concern for many women as they get older, but investing in the right skincare products can help.

The supercharged skincare product contains hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to give the skin a smoothing, forming and tightening effect which acts within just an hour. 

Kate Middleton has shared some of her skincare secrets over the years, but there’s one key product that reportedly keeps her skin looking youthful.

In an interview with Celebrities Style magazine, Carl Ray, who has previously been the Princess of Wales’ makeup artist reported that she swears by the Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, and that it has also been used by Michelle Obama on her recommendation, saying ‘the effect is unbelievable when it comes to erasing wrinkles.’

The skin gel is not widely available, but luckily shoppers can now get hold of it for £38.40 in an Amazon deal, whereas it still costs over £51 on the brand’s own website.

Buy: Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel (£38.40)

The Biotulin gel requires just one drop of product and leaves skin on the face and neck visibly firmer after an hour, with results lasting for up to 24 hours.

Containing a powerful mixture of ingredients, the product is designed to mimic the tightening and smoothing effects of botox, without loss of expression or injections.

Results are achieved using plant-extracted spilanthol, which can help relax facial features and reduce fine lines, bady grass which provides intense moisture, and hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate.

The product does have mixed reviews, with some mentioning that the product didn’t compare to botox for them, and that the difference in their skin was minor and not outwardly noticeable to others.

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Shoppers are leaving their reviews on the product, with some calling it ‘a real breakthrough’.

MiaL85 said: ”I have used many different serums and keep coming back to this one. Soaks into the skin and keeps it hydrated and helps immensely with fine lines.”

Jayne commented: ”This really is amazing!! It does exactly the same job as botox in a skin gel. I cannot believe how good this is. I love it. The best product I have ever used. I would highly recommend this. I will never stop using it! A real breakthrough. Wow!”

Ems also added: ”Just started using this product and have to say that i am impressed by the results. My skin looks firmer and fine lines disappear after application! Would definitely recommend.”

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