Lush fan trolled for buying herself £205 treats in the sale with some slamming her as the reason they got nothing | The Sun

FULL of sweet and refreshing scents, the high-street retailer Lush has become the go-to for those who love a relaxing bath.

But one fan was so keen on buying bath bombs and other products, she ended up walking out with a dozens of items in one go.

Pleased with her shopping haul from Boxing Day, Tammie Spencer took to Facebook to demonstrate the monster pile on the floor.

''I save up throughout the year to treat myself… after last years disappointing sale this is what I got…,'' read the caption by the snaps, which she uploaded on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

''205 yes it’s a lot but I know half of it will end up in my niece and nephews hands!'' Tammie claimed.

The massive haul was full of heaps of items, including the viral Snow Fairy bath bomb, as well as others in the shape of Santa – perfect for the festive season.

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Next to bright boxes filled with even more products also laid shower gels, creams and one Snow Fairy candle, which one shopper described as disappointing.

The post has taken the social media giant by storm, racking upover 4.2k likes and more than a thousand comments.

But whilst Tammie may have not thought much of her haul, which cost her more than £200, Facebook fans certainly had something to say – they reckoned she had gone overboard with bagging the items.

One mum moaned: ''So that's why I couldn't get any snow fairy stuff for my daughter.''

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Someone else added: ''this is probably why we couldn’t get anything.''

Fortunately for Tammie and all the others who had stocked up during the sale, there were plenty of those who reminded she had every right to bag all these items.

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One supportive member of the group penned: ''And the people saying “this is why nothings left” it’s a first come first served basis…. You snooze you loose! 

''if you don’t get there first stop complaining if you want it that bad get up early.''

''I did exact same on Boxing Day ! Love it,'' a second Lush fan joined in.

Tammie is not the first shopper to be slammed by others – recently one Wilko fan cleared the shelf after spotting a 5p bargain.

Sara Pidcock took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to boast about her successful shopping trip, as she wrote: "533 packets of seeds for £26.65!

"5 pence a packet reduced at Wilko."

She also posted a picture of her shopping bag, which was filled to the brim with the packets.

Despite Sara clearly being thrilled with her find, others weren't quite as impressed, taking to the comments section to weigh in.

"I don't care if you want to call me Karen, Elizabeth or Thumbelina," one wrote.

"A haul like that is selfish. She's obviously not going to be able to grow them all.

"They are clearly to resell and make a profit.

"Now don't get me wrong, I applaud enterprise, but come on to purchase every last packet and not give anyone else a shot at them.

"Totally selfish. Rant over."

However, Sara hit back, writing: "They're for my wedding favours so will be shared between many many people who love gardening and growing things.

"Not sure how that's selfish, but I hope you feel better for saying it."

She added in response to another comment: "As a permanently broke student trying to arrange a wedding as cheaply as I can, they make cute and very cheap wedding favours."

"And you're going to distribute those to those who can't afford plants?? No. Probably going to resell on ebay and Facebook," another raged.

Sara once again replied to say that she was going to use them as wedding favours, and added that there were "thousands left" on the shelf.

"Well done to you for getting a bargain but glad I wasn't behind you in the queue," someone else wrote.

With Sara responding: "I went up to the checkout lady and begged her to open me up a self checkout especially.

"She looked at my basket, said 'oh my god' and opened one up."

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