Man left fuming as woman tries to 'reserve' a parking space – when she doesn’t even have a car | The Sun

FINDING a parking space is often a nightmare, particularly if you're heading into town on the weekend.

But one woman decided that the free spot was just too good to miss so stood in it while she waited for her husband to bring round the car.

Some say forward thinking, but others would say infuriating. In particular the man who drove up trying to use the space himself.

To be fair to that fella, he was at least driving a car.

Thanks to the joys of camera phones and the internet we all get to share in the resulting barney that ensued.

Let me talk you through the TikTok argument in all its glory…

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So the clip starts with some inaudible chatter and then kicks in with the woman who's on guard saying: "No I'm sorry I can't hear you, drive on please."

To which the enraged man said: "You can't just stand there, where's your car?"

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She reassured him that she was waiting for her husband "actually" and that he was "just driving around now actually".

He didn't appreciate the actualities of the situation, despite her taking the time to explain them so he said: "You can't just stand there."

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She disagreed and said: "I can. There are plenty of spaces available."

She added: "Look I'm waiting here, we're going to the park, we're in a nice shady spot ok?"

What he responded wasn't audible in the video, but from her response it became apparent that he was not ok with this.

She said: "I'm sorry but if you're going to verbally abuse me, we're going to have a problem. If you're going to raise your voice at me we're going to have a problem. Please drive on."

The fuming man's wife then replied telling her that they already had a problem and she should move, but she refused.

The argument continued in this way for a while before they drove up as if they were pulling into the space.

She exclaimed that "they almost hit her" as they lined up with the parking space.

The drivers then began revving their engine and tooting the horn to drown out her protestations.

Once again she explained that her husband would be there any moment with the car and said she: "Didn't want to tell him about this as he won't be very happy."

A back log of other cars began to build up behind her so the drivers reversed and drove on leaving her with the space.

It's fair to say fellow TikTokers had some thoughts on the bizarre situation.

One person said: "I'd be far too tempted to get out and stand there with her and when the husband turns up just stand there like… 'yeah' find another space."

Another said: "She would have moved if he drove into her, I know that would have been my next move if there was no other spots."

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A third said: "This is one of my ULTIMATE PET HATES. Should be illegal. extreeeemmmly frustrating when ppl do this for no good reason."

While another said: "I'd end up living in my car. There's absolutely no chance I'd move!"

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