Mum hailed a life saver as she reveals what new parents really want for Xmas – and it won't add to their baby clutter | The Sun

IT'S hard enough to think of gifts to get adults at Christmas.

But coming up with a good present for a new baby is an even harder task.

Thankfully, mum Miranda has taken to TikTok in a bid to make things easier, by revealing "three gift ideas that are clutter free and genuinely useful to parents of babies".

"We all have that friend with a baby that we don’t know what to get them for Christmas, so we end up getting them a bit of plastic rubbish," she began.

"And then the parents just have a house full of clutter – the baby’s not interested in them and the parent doesn’t want them."

Instead, Miranda recommends getting something like a bodysuit extender.

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"They’ll extend the bodysuit to last an extra two or three months," she said.

"They’re super affordable – they cost about £3 or £4 and they are universally useful to every single parent, because every baby wears bodysuits."

Or, why not help your friend by getting their child some Sock Ons?

"I kid you not, I have not lost a single pair of socks in my whole 15 months of parenting and it’s down to Sock Ons," Miranda said.

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"Again, universally useful because losing socks is a problem for every parent."

Sock Ons come as single pairs for £4.99, or in a pack of three pairs for £14.99.

Finally, Miranda suggested getting a balaclava.

Showing the navy one she'd bought her child, she said: "This cost about £15, it’s from JoJo Maman Bebe and the baby cannot rip the hat off their head.

"It was the bane of my life putting that hat back on my baby’s head, until I got a balaclava."

"Not just got christmas, these gifts are useful anyway!" Miranda added in her video caption.

"I am going to gift these to my self lol. totally awesome suggestions!!" one person commented on the video.

As another added: "So tempted to buy all of these for myself now."

"Legit great ideas… although I’ve never had any I would use them all… mum of 3 under 3," a third commented.

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