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A MUM who refuses to put her heating on has shared cost saving tips – but they might make you angry.

Adele Allen, 39, has revealed how her unconventional way of living will help her family amid the cost of living crisis.

The infamous mum – who is known for breastfeeding her kids until the age of six – said putting the radiators on is a "health hazard".

Adding they would only go on in "extreme conditions" and if "sensitive guests" visit.

Adele, from Brighton, admitted she will tell her children Ulysses, 11, Ostara, seven, and Kai, four, to "wear additional layers and allow their bodies to heat up this way".

"It isn't necessary to put your heater on – only in absolute extreme conditions," she added.

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"They are not good for you so this is something that we tend to avoid in our house.

"Radiators dry out the air, increasing dust and mould spores being spread – so we keep these off.

"The girls also play outside lots in all weathers which makes them hardier to temperature changes."

The mum-of-three said they would sometimes put the heating on for bath times if the temperature was "freezing" but they would prefer to use a log burner – which they haven't gotten yet.

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"We haven't been publicly criticised for our lack of heating use, but it obviously can shock visitors to our home who are used to a heated house," Adele added.

"We do sometimes put on heating for sensitive guests."

Adele and partner Matt will be using barely any electricity to light up their council house this winter either.

"We don't tend to keep the lights on all day in the house – this is because I encourage more natural exposure to lights," the frugal mum added.

"I'd rather just keep the curtains open and use a low-level salt lamp when it gets darker."

Appearing on Stacey Dooley's documentary in 2019, the couple admitted they claim £900 a month in benefits while Matt earns £60 a week teaching yoga.

Matt added: "We are proud of what we do.

"We live very, very frugally. We don't use the schools, doctors, hospitals.

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"We grow our own food and we try to contribute by doing volunteer work and helping people."

The family-of-five have since joined the Don't Pay UK movement where people refuse to get pre-paid meters and only pay what they can afford.

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