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A MUM was left stunned when her young daughter left a scathing note in her lunchbox complaining about her selection of snacks.

The woman, from Melbourne, Australia, was on a mission to get the youngster to eat more healthy food – but her plan hilariously backfired.

She explained her daughter was refusing to tuck in to the nutritious items in her lunchbox, leaving her with only one option.

The mum decided to double down on her stance – and replaced her daughter's yummy treats with healthy alternatives.

She prepared a delicious spread of sandwiches, pretzels, a banana and chopped Kiwi fruit in the hopes the little girl would admit defeat.

But the Aussie was left stunned when the schoolgirl returned the lunchbox still full – with a little surprise for her mum in too.


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The youngster had decided to make a record of her food frustrations and wrote a cheeky post-it note reviewing the contents of the lunchbox.

Dumped on top of her uneaten sandwich, it read: "This food sucks."

The mortified mum detailed her "parenting fail" in a Facebook post, admitting she couldn't help but giggle at the fiery feedback.

She wrote: "This week after seeing yet another lunch box come home with all the healthy stuff untouched, I made good on my threat to only pack healthy stuff and no treats unless the healthy stuff was eaten.

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"This (the Post-it note) is the feedback my darling daughter provided."

Although she saw the funny side of the note, it divided the opinions of social media users.

One wrote: "If the lunch you make her 'sucks' then she can make her own from now on."

Another said: "If she can write, she can make her own like most of us did as a kid. None of this fancy lunchbox thing."

A third added: "So many kids would die to eat this as they have nothing to eat. Kids need to learn the value of food."

Others backed the bold little girl's honesty and pointed out the banana looked "manky" and the kiwi needed "peeling."

We previously told how a fuming dad put an angry note for his kid's teachers in her lunchbox after she got told off for how she eats.

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