My boyfriend said I wasn’t hot enough and dumped me, so I had a full glow up and now I’m a model | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how her boyfriend cruelly dumped her and said she wasn’t pretty enough – but has now had the last laugh.

TikTok user @kim.decker showed how she now works as a model and looks very different.

In a video that has racked up over 100,000 views, she showed her before and after photos.

She wrote: “Me: so you are breaking up with me because I’m not attractive enough?

“Him: yeah I know I can find someone prettier, sorry.

“Me: okkeyyyy let’s goooooo.”

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Kim then showed herself working on a modelling shoot aged 20 looking very glamorous.

She tagged the video “#glowup” and people have been quick to weigh in her transformation.

One person said: “youre so pretty its unbelivable.”

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Another added: “you were pretty b4 and after.”

And a third wrote: “his loss”.

One joked: “Hahahahaha how strong is that first picture”, and Kim replied: “Mom always thought she had 2 sons until puberty.”

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