My husband plotted to poison me on vacation with our kids then marry his mistress, he had a sick motive for killing me | The Sun

WHEN Theresa White opened her door one morning to six FBI officers, she had no idea that her life would change forever.

She soon learned that her husband was going to kill her for cash.

Texas-native Theresa White, 41, is speaking out to reveal the horror she faced after learning about her husband’s murder plot.

A detective informed her that her husband of eight years, Dallas Michaels, was planning to kill her and cash in on her $500,000 life insurance policy before marrying his mistress.

The police officers even had a recording of Dallas, 44, trying to purchase the lethal drug fentanyl to poison Theresa during a family vacation with their three young children.

Dallas was then arrested and convicted of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Now Theresa, a financial advisor, is letting people in on her nightmare experience.

“Dallas and I didn’t have the perfect marriage, but I had no idea he wanted me dead,” she said.

“The thought of my husband being happy to end my life and leave my children motherless makes me sick to my stomach.

“He’s pure evil and I want people to know what a monster he is.”

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Theresa met Dallas on a dating website 13 years ago and they now have three children together.

They lived with those kids – aged 10, 8, and 6 – as well as Dallas’ mother before the plot came to light.

The thought of my husband being happy to end my life and leave my children motherless makes me sick to my stomach

While Theresa never expected he’d try to kill her, she did point out that he had changed as they got older – never consulting her and making all the family decisions.

“Over the years, he became controlling. His word was final,” she recalled.

“If we needed a new car, he’d choose it. I was never asked my opinion.”

In November of 2019, Dallas signed a five-year lease for a martial arts studio at nearly $5,000 a month.

But Covid-19 hit soon after, and the business was halted before it even started.

Theresa said: “With a mortgage to pay, a lease on four cars, and a nanny, we were in over our heads.

“But Dallas said he had a plan.”

Two weeks later, 30 police officers stormed their house and arrested Dallas.

Afterward, Theresa searched the house for clues and said she discovered a fake police badge in his gym bag.

Dallas was released on bail the next morning and confessed to his wife that he’d been charged for trying to extort $40,000 from a bar owner, impersonating a law enforcement officer to do so.

Theresa said: “I was furious and couldn’t believe he could do something so awful.”

While the police investigated in July 2020, the family had a trip planned to the beach for the weekend.

Their bags were packed and ready to go when things took a dark turn.

While Dallas was out at his martial arts studio that morning, six police officers turned up at Theresa’s door.

They had a recording of him purchasing drugs to poison me. Shivers went down my spine

Theresa recounted what went down: “One detective asked me to step outside. He said something bad had happened and my husband had been arrested.

“Then he informed me that Dallas had plotted to kill me while on our family trip so he could marry another woman and cash in on my life insurance policy.”

The officers brought out the cold hard proof.

“They had a recording of him purchasing drugs to poison me. Shivers went down my spine.

“Then the detective showed me fake Facebook accounts he had online and the woman he’d been having an affair with.

“I was so shocked," she said.

The detectives took Theresa’s statement and then built their case around Dallas.

That day, Theresa discovered messages on her mother-in-law’s phone between her and her son Dallas, discussing his plans.

One text from his mother read: “What are you going to buy me?”

Dallas replied: “Haha, with the $500K? A nice Hawaiian vacation. Ain’t going to Hawaii until the deed is done.”

Horrified, Theresa kicked his mother out of the house and was granted an emergency restraining order against her, though his mother was never charged in relation to the messages.

Soon after, Theresa discovered Dallas’ mistress’s name and messaged her on Facebook.

The other woman had no idea that he was married or about the plan he was trying to put in motion.

Theresa said: “She told me they’d been having an affair for eight months after meeting online.

“Apparently, he’d proposed and they were recently engaged.

“She apologized a lot and told me Dallas had told her I was crazy and addicted to drugs and had abused my kids. He made himself to be some hero, single father. I was furious.”

After two years, the case was finally brought to court.

It was heard that Dallas had met with a drug dealer to obtain fentanyl to poison Theresa’s drink while on their family vacation.

The drug dealer informed police and they recorded an incriminating call between them – as well as obtaining texts a month earlier – where he confessed to “doing it then,” discussing their family trip.

In June of 2021, Dallas was sentenced to six years for attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (fentanyl).

Theresa said: “It’s a joke and nowhere near enough for what he did. I still can’t believe what he planned to do in front of our children.

“You think you know someone, but I had no idea I was living with the devil.”

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