My man accused me of ‘banging on about the laundry’ as I don’t like his ‘system’ but he’s the one people think is weird | The Sun

A MUM-OF-TWO has shared her frustrations with her husband as he chooses to only wash his clothes – and refuses to touch anybody else’s laundry in the family.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, took to Mumsnet to rant about her other half’s habits, and other people quickly slammed his ‘selfish’, ‘weird’ and ‘pathetic’ ways.

After revealing that he’d made them buy two separate washing baskets to keep their dirty clothes separate, the woman shared more about his laundry routine. 

She said: “He does his own washing every Sunday night. Doesn't do anything else (lots of towels, sheets, baby clothes covered in c**p). 

“I have asked him to do more and he agreed and then got obsessed over it….creating weird little systems, but he only kept it up for a week. He is now back to only doing his own. 

“Anyway I've accepted it. But we have a small utility room and he was in there tonight picking off his clothes while ignoring mine. Like literally going around my dry clothes to get to his.”

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After the woman spotted what her husband was doing, she confronted him and the pair locked horns.

When she told him that it would all be going back to the same bedroom, he responded that she was “banging on about the laundry again".

What’s more, she said her partner now wanted to buy two separate chest of drawers as a replacement for their current bigger ones so their clothes wouldn’t be together.

She concluded: “We all have our weird stuff. But I find it so annoying.

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“He does cook dinner and help with kid stuff but it's almost less about the division of labour and more like I find it so baffling I can't not say anything.”

She then asked other Mumsnet users if they thought she was well within her rights, or was being unreasonable – and their response was pretty much unanimous. 

One wrote: “How pathetic, so the woman's work is to do the kids/bedding/towel washes?

“I hope you've told him how petty and ridiculous his system is.”

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Another slammed the husband’s choices, as they typed: “He's the weird one, not you!”

While a fourth asked: “Has he got any other strange little ways? He sounds selfish.”

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