My rude neighbour slammed me as inconsiderate in an aggressive note – I was just practising self-help but I got revenge | The Sun

WE ALL appreciate silence once in a while, but that doesn't mean we expect our neighbours to be mute all of the time.

But blasting music or podcasts throughout the night is definitely not going to put you in the good books of any neighbour.

One nasty neighbourly spat has emerged in Australia after a neighbour was accused of being an 'inconsiderate f***wit."

News.Au reported that a note complaining about noise was left for them written in fluorescent green highlighter.

The neighbour complained that the resident had been listening to self-help material at high volume “all night”.

“Just a tip. Don’t play your personal growth videos at max volume all night you inconsiderate f***wit,” the message read.


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But the target of the letter didn't sit back and take it and wrote back to the sender on the opposite side of the original note.

They wrote: "Sincere apologies if my podcast bothered you. I’ll adjust the volume and placement of the speaker.

"It was not anywhere near max volume but appreciate the sound must travel and I’m sorry it disturbed you.

“I also have a tip that swearing at your neighbours isn’t very nice or considerate either. Simply bringing an issue to their attention is quite enough. Peace and love.”

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The letters were shared on a Facebook page and many people sided with the self-help content listener.

One wrote: "Seems like the old mate neighbour needs to listen to the same personal growth podcast.”

Another commented: "“I really appreciate the restrained yet rapidly simmering tension as a dynamic."

A third penned: "How hard is it just to be polite?”

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