My secret routine to getting crusty, dusty whites bright again – what you need & why an IKEA bag will be your saviour | The Sun

A MUM has shared her secret routine to getting her "crusty, dusty whites" gleaming again – and explained why an IKEA bag will quickly become your new best friend.

Danielle explained that as her boyfriend's a "tramp", she's regularly left with whites to clean that have seen better days.

And with her kids, she's also used to having to get dirty white socks bright again.

Danielle took to TikTok to share her genius method, which began with her shoving everything in her bath and covering with cold water.

"You're going to need Ace for Whites," she began.

"This is the creme de la creme.

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" If you don't have it, you justneed to go and buy it. Sling it in. Some bleach, sling that in as well.

"You can already see the colour coming off… vile!

"Oxy stain removing powder – you can use any brand, this one's Asda's own.

"We don't discriminate over here. Whatever's the f**king cheapest at this point."

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Danielle then left the washing for a few hours to soak, before draining away the "vile murky water" and chucking the whole lot into one of IKEA's famously large blue bags.

"The IKEA bags are going to be your best friend," she noted.

Once she'd got the washing downstairs, she popped it in the machine with a Persil washing tablet, and whacked it on a 90 degree wash.

"Yes, it's 3 hours 40 minutes. And I'm going to say again. You lot have your takeaways – I do a white wash," she said.

Danielle then continued to show the washing once it was done.

"This was the shirt that was looking pink, it's now crisp white again," she said.

"The socks, the black hasn't run. Baby socks back to crisp white, just how I like them.

"If you don't know this method, just get to know.

"Colours don't run and it works every single time!"

"Do you not find 90c shrinks/ruins anything?" one person asked in the comments.

To which Danielle replied: "I've never had a problem!"


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"Just what i needed!!" another praised.

"I literally done this thanks to your video for the 1st time absolutely amazing thank you!" a third said.

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