My sister-in-law told my family she'd 'only accept' Christmas gifts from her list, we're staggered by the suggestions | The Sun

A VERY particular woman has made sure friends and family know exactly what she wants for Christmas this year.

She's refused to accept anything that isn't on her list, and her suggestions have staggered her sister-in-law.

An anonymous Reddit user went viral after she asked a question on the "Am I The A**hole" forum.

The post has garnered more than 8,000 reactions and 2,500 comments from social media users.

The original poster wanted to know if she was being unreasonable for calling out her sister-in-law, Amy.

"Amy complains about every gift she is given by any of us," she wrote. "Every Christmas she makes faces and snide remarks about the things she’s gifted."

Last year, the author gave her sister-in-law and her brother, Chris — Amy's husband — a coffee maker, but Amy was displeased.

"Amy’s only remark … was 'Oh well this isn’t really for me is it,'" the writer said.

"Then [she made] a great show of being annoyed that she didn’t get a separate gift," she added.

When the following Christmas came around, Amy sent her in-laws a Christmas list and said that she only wanted items from it.

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According to the original poster, it included expensive items, like perfumes, clothing, and designer handbags.

She told Amy that she wouldn't buy anything from the list, and if she didn't like what she bought her, she could leave it behind.

The author's brother, Chris, was upset with the way his sister responded to his wife.

"I think Amy was just trying to find a sneaky way to get a few things she normally can’t afford for free," she explained.

"In my opinion, it is not in the spirit of Christmas and I think she’s being extremely childish," she added.

The author asked Reddit users if she the a**hole.

Social media users determined that she wasn't wrong, that Amy was the one being unreasonable.

"This trait in a person is so foul I would just quietly start removing them from my life," one person wrote.

"It's way past tacky, and firmly into 'get f**ked' territory," a second shared. "NTA. Not even close."

"The idea of a Christmas list is a great one, however saying she'll only accept gifts from that list is greedy, especially since everything is expensive," a third added.

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