Only the top 1% of people can spot the giraffe in new optical illusion – can you solve the magic eye picture? | The Sun

DO you think you're a master at uncovering the secret behind optical illusions?

Well, you can test your spotting skills in a new optical illusion, but you may have a hard time.

According to the content creator who shared it, only a tiny proportion of the population can spot the giraffe in a colorful pattern.

But with one helpful trick, you may be able to uncover the illusion's hidden secret.

In a video posted on TikTok, a content creator named Jack shared an image of a green, leafy pattern.

Over the image, he wrote: "Best optical illusion I've ever seen in my life.

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"Can you spot the giraffe?"

At first glance, the illusion only appears to be just a green pattern.

But if you're struggling to find the hidden giraffe, Jack wrote the trick to spotting it in the comments.

"You gotta unfocus your eyes," he revealed.

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Now if you look at the optical illusion without focusing your eyes, a giraffe should jump out of the screen at you.

You can also try putting your nose on the center of the picture, then moving your head slowly away.

Try the trick out for yourself and see if you can spot the hidden giraffe.

In other optical illusions, only the top 1% of people can see the image hidden inside an image of a circle in a square.

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