People are only just realising why there's a loop on the back of shirts and you'll be shocked you didn't realise sooner | The Sun

HAVE you ever wondered why there is a tiny loop on the back of shirts?

Well if so, you’re in luck, as the real reason behind it has been revealed.

And if you hadn’t even realised that shirts have loops on the back, have a look in your wardrobe and take a look for yourself. 

This little loop is often found on both men and women’s shirts.

It is placed between the shoulder blades where the yoke (upper back) of the shirt joins the pleat. 

History has revealed that the loop was actually intended for a very practical purpose, one that many people today often overlook.

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According to many online sources, the reasoning behind the loop actually started in the Navy.

Naval sailors didn't have much storage or wardrobe space for their uniforms, so their shirts were designed with a loop so they could easily hang them up from the loop.

As a result, the shirts would hang away neatly and would dry quicker, making the fashion addition very convenient. 

But the Navy was not the only one that used the loops – clothing manufacturer GANT added a 'locker loop' to their shirts which were placed on the back of the collar.

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The reason for this was so their customers who were mostly Ivy League college students could hang their shirts up conveniently.

Following this, students then changed the meaning of the loops to share their relationship status.

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If a man's loop had been ripped off or removed, it meant that they were taken.

The trend of loop-ripping was very popular in the 60s and people became so obsessed with the shirt loops that you could even buy them separately and get them sent in the post.

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Although these days the shirt loops don't hold as much importance and significance and it’s more likely than not that a damaged one results from wear and tear rather than revealing a person’s current relationship situation.

Regardless of these, these loops still appear on many shirts to this day, so if you ever want to save some storage space, try hooking up your shirt the old-fashioned way and see how much wardrobe space you save.

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