People assume I’m a beauty pro because I’m so glam – they’re stunned when they find out what I really do for a living | The Sun

A FEMALE tradie often leaves people stunned when they realise what she does for a living.

The woman, who goes by Ames on TikTok revealed people are always confused when they learn her real job.

In a short TikTok video, the young woman shared that because of her glam appearance people often mistake her for working in hair and beauty.

She wrote: "Bet she does hair and beauty."

She then revealed a picture of herself looking glam with fake tan, long dark hair, false lashes and bright pink lipstick.

She wore a tight-fitting white two-piece with a giant diamond cross necklace as she posed in front of the mirror.


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But Ames later revealed that she doesn't work in hair and beauty, and left people stunned with her actually job.

Instead, the young woman actually works as a plumber and specialises in 'plumbing and heating'

"In love with my job," she captioned the post.

She then showed images of herself hard at work installing pipes and fixing sinks in her steel-cap boots and work trousers.

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The video soon went viral with 27k views and people flooded the comments section of the video.

Many people praised Ames for doing such a hard job and for representing young women working in the trade industry.

One person commented: "The representation the world needs."

A second agreed: "WE LOVE TO SEE IT."

Another person replied: "I love when baddies work hard jobs like this, happy for you girl keep going!"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Love seeing this so much."

A fifth wrote: "Good for you."

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