People say I'm too old for my job but I don't care – I’m only in my 30s and refuse to quit | The Sun

WE'VE all heard the phrases "age is just a number" and "you're only as old as you feel".

And in your thirties it's very unlikely you'd be thinking about slowing down, especially in your career.

Suzie Mac is a successful DJ who has played up and down the country and boasts hundreds of thousands of fans on social media.

But the talented Scot has faced criticism for still being in the music industry in her thirties.

Posting on TikTok (@misssuziemac), she told her followers: "Sometimes you hear people say I’m too old to be a DJ.

"Then I look at someone like Madonna.

"I’ve got years mate, I’ve got absolute years.

"Look at her, she’s a f***ing icon."

She later added: "Ageism in music (particularly towards women) only exists if you let it."

And her fans have flooded her comments with messages of support.

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One said: "Never too old, music got no age. Lets goooo."

Meanwhile, a second added: "Never put yourself down, you look very young."

Suzie – from Paisley – has also been told she "won't be taken seriously" as a DJ unless she covers up.

She regularly shares pictures and videos from gigs and without the restrictions of a uniform or dress code, enjoys flaunting her curves in playful dresses.

We told earlier how, despite her flawless outfits, she receives criticism from people in the industry.

She said: "When they tell you you’ve got to cover up and stop wearing dresses to be taken seriously as a DJ.

"Which basically means you’ve to stop being yourself and dressing how you normally would just to fit their narrow minded narrative."

But the dark haired beauty, a former child star in Chewin' the Fat, has no plans to change her look.

The DJ, who has released new single Tell Me, made her feelings very clear as she used a sound featuring a child saying "I'm not doing that, I'm sorry" to accompany her defiant video.

She later added: "I’ve been told that a few times by people in the industry so I just ignore them and do the opposite."

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