Princess Charlottes sweet horseshoe brooch belonged to another Queen

Queen's funeral: George and Charlotte bow as the coffin arrives

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Royal fans have claimed that the brooch Princess Charlotte wore to the Queen’s funeral was inherited from her great-great-great-grandmother, Queen Mary. Charlotte, seven, arrived at Westminster Abbey with a delicate silver horseshoe pinned to the lapel of her black coat. At the time, it was understood that Charlotte’s brooch was a sweet gesture as her great-grandmother, Elizabeth II, who loved horses.

It was reported the day after the funeral, however, that the brooch had been a gift from her “Gan-Gan” the Queen, as well as a fitting nod to Her Majesty’s love of horses. 

Now royal fans have noted it looked identical to a brooch owned by the Queen Mother in the 1920s.

It is thought she herself had received it as a gift from her mother-in-law, Queen Mary, who must have been the original owner of the jewel.

Writing on Instagram, the user by the name of @historyfamousjewels, wrote: “At the funeral of QEII [Queen Elizabeth II] Princess Charlotte of Wales wore a small diamond horseshoe brooch.

“The BBC states that it was a gift from HM QEII to the Princess. Fellow poster, Franck @britishroyalfamilywealth recognised that it is a brooch worn by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in the 1920s.

“Franck also noted that Leslie Field stated that the brooch was given to QEQM [Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother] by Queen Mary.

“I would like to pay tribute to the composure of the young Princess during what must have been an overwhelming experience.

“Isn’t it delightful to know how jewels are passed down through the generations!”

The Queen Mother, who married King George VI in 1923, wore the brooch for a portrait taken in 1929. 

The delicate piece is shaped like a horseshoe and covered in sparkling gems. 

It is a particularly fitting choice as Kate Middleton has previously revealed how her daughter has inherited Her Majesty’s love of horses. 

The Royal Family used their jewellery as a way to pay tribute to the Queen.  

It was the only piece of jewellery that the Prince and Princess of Wales’ daughter was wearing. 

Kate was quoted in 2018 as saying that her only daughter had inherited the Queen’s passion for horses. 

The Princess of Wales, 40, also honoured Queen Elizabeth II at the state funeral by donning two pieces that once belonged to the late monarch, her husband’s grandmother. 

Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey wearing a pair of Bahrain pearl drop earrings and a four-strand pearl choker with a centre diamond clasp. 

Both of these items were from the Queen’s personal collection and the monarch previously wore the choker for a state banquet in Bangladesh in 1983.

In addition, the Bahrain earrings were a gift to the Queen for her wedding in 1947. 

The pearls of the choker were reportedly a gift from the Japanese government, possibly acquired during the 1970s, when she made a state visit to that nation.

The necklace was constructed by Garrard.

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