Princess Michael of Kent to retire from royal life – a look back at her £3m wedding tiara

Princess Michael – The Controversial Royal on Channel 5

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Princess Michael of Kent and Prince Michael of Kent, who is the Queen’s first cousin, are understood to be stepping down from royal life. The Queen’s first cousin is a fluent Russian speaker with a lineage to Tsar Nicholas II and had strong business links with Russia. But his connections to the Kremlin came under scrutiny after the invasion of Ukraine.

In March, the 79-year-old handed back an Order of Friendship award, one of Russia’s highest honours, as well as stepping down as patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

Now it is reported that Prince Michael and his wife Marie-Christine are stepping down from public life altogether, with an official announcement expected in the coming days, according to The Telegraph.

It is thought the move will coincide with Prince Michael’s 80th birthday on July 4.

Princess Michael is known as one of the most glamorous members of the Royal Family.

But what is her most fabulous tiara?

Princess Michael of Kent chose a Russian fringe style diamond tiara, often called the Kent City of London Fringe tiara, for her wedding back in 1978.

This tiara has a special connection to the Princess.

The Princess’ wedding tiara was also worn by her mother-in-law, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, on her wedding day in 1934.

It was later worn by her daughter Lady Gabriella Windsor in 2019.

Princess Michael’s wedding was held on June 30, 1978, and the Princess, who is also known as Marie Christine, wore the tiara to a ball that was held after her wedding ceremony, rather than to the entire affair.

The Kent City of London Fringe tiara was originally given to Marie Christine’s mother-in-law, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, by the city of London on her wedding day in 1934.

Eventually, Marina’s son Prince Michael inherited the tiara when she died in 1968.

Princess Michael has worn the tiara on a number of occasions through the years.

Like the Kent City of London Fringe tiara, the Kent Pearl Festoon was inherited by Prince Michael of Kent in 1968 when Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent died.

Ailsa Russell Gemologist and Appraiser Prestige Pawnbrokers of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn previously spoke to about the tiara.

She said: “This beautiful Russian-inspired diamond set gold and silver tiara originally belonged to Princess Marina of Kent, gifted before her wedding to the Duke of Kent in 1934.

“Welcoming the Greek and Dutch Princess to the country it was gifted to her by the City of London.

“It was worn by Princess Alexandra on her wedding day and has become another icon of the Royal Kent Family collection of jewels,” Ms Russell noted.

The expert added: “The magnificent graduated fringe design is heavily set with beautifully bright diamonds, and rather uniquely for a fringe tiara it cannot also be worn as a necklace.

“Today the diadem is favoured by Princess Michael of Kent and has featured in official portraits and regularly worn to state occasions, notably the Princess wore it for a ball in Vienna on her wedding night.

“Likely featuring over 100 carats of diamonds, a diadem of this provenance and importance would likely reach £1million to £3million.”

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