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PRINCE Harry's explosive memoir is set to hit the shelves in January – marking the three-year anniversary of Megxit.

The Duke of Sussex – who has already received half of a £35million payout for his book – delayed publishing the bombshell tome after the Queen's death.

It was thought the publication could be held off until after the King's coronation in May.

But last night, industry executives told The New York Times that the book will be published on January 10.

It will be released two days after the three-year anniversary of Harry and Meghan’s official exit from the Royal Family on January 8, 2020.

And it comes three days before the anniversary of their frosty Sandringham summit on January 13.

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Royal expert Angela Levin claimed the date was chosen intentionally.

She told the Sun: "There's a plan to almost everything they do. Everything is intentional.

"There's words that have a second meaning, dates that have a second meaning.

"I'm quite sure that there's a plot there. I'm quite sure it's a celebration of their third anniversary away from the royal family."

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Here, we break down nine key questions the Duke must truthfully answer in his upcoming memoir.

Who made the Archie skin colour remark?

During the couple's interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, Meghan Markle claimed that there had been conversations with Harry and a "family member" about their unborn son and what colour his skin would be.

She also said the couple's son Archie wasn't made a prince after "concerns and conversations" about "how dark" his skin would be when he was born.

But the 39-year-old declined to say who had started those conversations, saying it would be "damaging" for them.

Harry said he would "never share" the full details of the discussion.

But royal experts believe it may be something Harry opens up about in the book.

Did Charles cut Harry off?

The Duke of Sussex claimed he had been forced to make deals with Netflix and Spotify after saying he had been cut off by the Royal Family following Megxit.

But Charles' annual report, released by Clarence House, shows he gave the Sussexes and Cambridges a share of £4.45million.

At odds with his claims of being "cut off", Harry was in fact handed a "substantial sum" by his "generous" father.

Penny Junor, Harry's biographer, says his remarks would have upset his father: "I’m not surprised Charles has given Harry money.

"He cares about his son and is a generous man. Why did Harry say he was cut off financially?

"Charles will have been enormously hurt by that comment. I feel sorry for him."

Harry may have to address the issue with his father in the book – and straighten out the facts.

Who cried at the dress fitting?

Reports of the row over bridesmaid dresses first surfaced when it was reported Meghan had made Kate cry in the run-up to her and Harry’s wedding in May 2018.

But in her Oprah Winfrey TV interview, Meghan, 39, denied that and claimed it was the other way round.

She said “the reverse happened” and that Kate had apologised to her for making her cry.

Meg added: “The narrative with Kate – which didn’t happen – was really, really difficult… I think that’s when everything changed, really.”

Insiders have also claimed that Kate was also left tearful by Meg’s reaction to her floral peace offering when they were neighbours at Kensington Palace.

So what is the real story? Hopefully, Prince Harry will address the feud face-on.

Why isn't Archie a prince?

Meghan and Harry had falsely suggested to Oprah that Archie might be blocked from being a prince because of his mixed race.

And Meghan claimed she had been told Archie would not get police protection because he did not have a title.

At the time Archie and his sister Lilibet were born, they were the great-grandchildren of a sovereign, not grandchildren.

After the death of the Queen, Archie and Lilibet became grandchildren of the monarch, meaning they are both expected to automatically receive prince and princess titles.

But whether King Charles will give them to the Sussex children remains up in the air due to the rift in the Royal Family over the 'Megxit' drama.

The children are currently listed on the line of succession, published online, without titles.

The King's spokesman said earlier this month that the document would be updated "as and when we get information".

According to Roya Nikkhah, royal editor for The Times, the delay is "heightening tensions" between the new king and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Perhaps Prince Harry will address this uncertainty in his memoir.

Does he think Oprah interview was truthful?

Prince Harry has vowed his memoir will be "wholly truthful" – drawing into question whether the Duke feels the Oprah interview also falls into that category.

Many have cast doubts on certain lines of enquiry.

Namely when Oprah said that there was "constant criticism, blatantly sexist and racist remarks by British tabloids".

In the interview, a headline from the Mail on Sunday was cropped and shown on the screen, reports the paper.

The full headline read: "'Meghan's seed will taint our Royal Family': UKIP chief's glamour model lover, 25, is suspended from the party over racist texts about Prince Harry's wife-to-be".

But Oprah's production removed all but the first seven words – falsely suggesting the paper had published an opinion article bashing Meghan.

When did they decide to 'Megxit'?

When Meghan joined the Royal Family, she said: "Our plan was to do this for ever.

"I wrote letters to his family saying: 'I am dedicated to this. Use me as you'd like.'"

However, Prince Harry told Oprah that they had spoken about Megxit for "two years" before – suggesting they were planning it from January 2018.

Was Meghan really forced to stay indoors?

In the bombshell Oprah interview, Meghan said that she had her passport confiscated and that she only left the house twice in four months while in England.

But Court Circular records show Meghan's attendance at official engagements on 73 days in the 17 months between her wedding and moving to North America.

At least 65 of those days involved leaving her home, and there are just two apparent gaps – both in 2019.

One is from March 22 to July 6. While pregnant with Archie, the Duchess attended Trooping the Colour, a baseball game in London, Wimbledon and other events.

And from July 14 to September 23, Meghan went on holiday abroad at least four times in Italy, France, Ibiza and the US.

Harry's book will hopefully explain why there doesn't seem to be a "four-month" period where she only left the house twice.

Did Harry plan to get into showbiz?

Harry has created quite a storm in the showbiz world – guest starring on podcasts, signing deals with Spotify and Netflix, and hanging out with presenters like James Corden.

Was this in Harry's plan all along? Did he want to transition from Royal fame to Hollywood fame?

When did they marry?

Meghan and Harry married in secret three days before their wedding at Windsor Castle, the couple have claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared the revelation during their tell-all interview with Oprah.

But that was exposed as a sham — by their own wedding certificate.

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