We both dated a man who walked out on our families – we moved in to raise our eight kids together & we’re best friends

TWO women have claimed the same man walked out on both of their families, but they ended up best friends and living together.

The two women created a TikTok video together saying how they now raise their eight kids together.

Explaining their unusual set-up, one said: “When we have the same baby daddy who walked out on our kids, so we move in and raise all 8 together without him.”

While it may seem less than ordinary for some people, the living arrangement has worked well for them so far.

The woman continued: “We coparented as mom and step mom for 8 years.

“Dad’s not involved anymore but we became best friends and raise them together. #teamwork.”

Many people were quick to share their thoughts on the blended family.

One said: “He created a family, he's just not in it.”

Another added: “This is so dang amazing! I hope everything goes well got you guys and those babies have an amazing childhood.”

A third wrote: “Can you imagine how much love and fun the kids will have being together like that. Two mommies with the same goals which is raising rockstars!”

And one commented: “This is beautiful wow. This is all that’s good in this universe. I love y’all.”

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