We sold out home and bought a mouldy caravan – we transformed it for £400 and live in it full time, it looks SO posh | The Sun

A COUPLE bought a mouldy 20-year-oldcaravan and completely transformed it, now they live in it full-time.

After selling their house and buying three acres of land in the hope of building their own home, John and Emilie needed somewhere to live in the meantime.

The pair knew the caravan would need a massive renovation to make it liveable for the foreseeable future, so forked out £400 to completely transform it.

Sharing the renovation process on their YouTube channel, Camp Out West, they showed exactly how they renovated the caravan.

"It's always been our goal to live within our means and be mortgage free, so we’ve just sold our house on Instagram and used all of our life savings to buy a three acre abandoned caravan park, so we can self build a tiny home," they shared.

John explained: "We didn't have a big budget so were limited to what caravan we could buy.

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"We chose this one as it had the dining area as well as a bathroom at the back."

The duo got straight to work and quickly discovered the floor was covered in mould after they removed the old lino flooring.

Not only that, but the back wall in the bathroom was completely rotten, which meant the duo had a bigger job on their hands than they'd originally planned.

Once the floor and the mould issue had been sorted Emilie got to work on painting the inside of the caravan.

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She explained: "This took the most amount of time as we needed to do two coats of primer first to make sure all of the dark wood was covered and that the paint had something to stick to."

The outdated wooden cabinets and interior was transformed into a bright, white space which made the entire caravan look so much bigger.

Emilie continued: "Then we recovered all the seats in the caravan so everything was fresh and neutral.

"We changed all the handles to more modern black ones as well as spray painting the tap, oven handles and top of the fridge.

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"We added stick-on subway tiles in the kitchen and bathroom too."

The bathroom needed a lot of attention, but the pair managed to not only get rid of the mould but transform the entire space, making it look so posh.

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