Woman claims she knows why McDonald's McFlurry boxes have changed – but not everyone's convinced | The Sun

A WOMAN has claimed to know why the design of McDonald's McFlurry boxes changed in the UK.

She took to her Omm Fun Facts page on TikTok to share a video explaining, as she began: "Do you know why in the UK McFlurry boxes are different?

"Well, they changed because hedgehogs were getting their heads stuck in the McFlurry lids and, as a result, were dying."

"Apart from being more green, this is why we don’t have lids," she added.

People in the comments section were quick to weigh in, with one writing: "I mean at least it’s helping the world."

"We have the same in Sweden," another added.

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"Omg no thats so sad and cute," a third commented.

"It’s wooden spoons in Ireland now," someone else revealed.

"I thought the spoons were straws? I always use it as a straw," another asked.

McDonald's changed the McFlurry spoon to make it renewable and compostable last year.

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However, others weren't so sure about the explanation.

"I thought they made the old lid holes bigger for the hedgehogs… and these newer ones were more recent, probably getting rid of plastic," one wrote.

"They actually changed the McFlurry lids in 2009 and made the holes bigger so the hedgehogs didn’t get their heads trapped," another added.

"The new lids are for recycling purposes for McDonald’s to be more green."

"It's not because of this it was to reduce plastic," a third commented.

A spokesperson for McDonald's confirmed that the boxes were changed back in 2019 as part of the chain's work to become more sustainable.

From September that year, all McFlurry plastic lids were removed completely and all single-use plastic packaging across the salad ranges was replaced with sustainably sourced cardboard.

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