Woman reveals clever way she keeps her grass clean – and it really divides opinion | The Sun

KEEPING your garden free from mess and dirt isn't always easy, but one woman has shared how she does just that.

Kaye Marie has made a name for herself on social media thanks to her savvy cleaning tips and tricks, but her grass cleaning hack has left people divided.

The mum recently shared a video of herself vacuuming her artificial grass to keep it spick and span.

She captioned the video: "POV: The crazy neighbour who hoovers the grass on the weekend."

Although artificial grass doesn't need to be mowed, it still gathers a lot of dirt and grime from being exposed to the elements year-round, so it makes sense Kaye would want to try and keep it clean.

"If you don't hoover the artificial grass, you're doing life wrong," she added.


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It turns out she's not the only one who wears by the method for their garden either.

Fellow cleaning fans flooded the comment section sharing how they keep their own grass clean.

One said: "Forever hoovering my grass in the warm weather, people think I'm weird but it's much easier."

A second agreed: "I put the carpet cleaner over mine every month when I wash my house carpets."

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In fact, some keen cleaners admitted they even have a special vacuum cleaner specifically for their garden.

"I can relate to it, I have a Henry just for the grass," one said.

"I have a Miele hoover just for my garden, best hoover for gardens and grass," another commented.

Not everyone was convinced though, and others thought it was a waste of time.

"I barely hoover the indoor carpets," someone else wrote.

And someone else said: "Is this a thing! What and how?!"

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