Woman reveals ironing hack to smooth down shirt collars and it’s blowing minds… did you know you could do this? | The Sun

A CLEVER woman has left people mind blown after revealing there’s a hidden feature in irons. 

Sonya often uses her social media account to share tips, tricks and hacks she’s found, leaving many people baffled. 

In one clip, she explained she was “today years old” when she learned that an iron has a hidden gap at the front for shirt collars. 

Demonstrating how to use it, she first tapped on the top section of the iron to show the visible gap.

After turning the appliance on, she then placed the collar through the gap and ironed it – leaving a smooth finish behind. 

She then showed how it can be down on the collars of simple T-shirts, too. 

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People were quick to comment on TikTok user @x_sonyaaa1's post as one person wrote: “I’ve been ironing for 45 years and didn’t know this!” 

Another shared: “Ain’t nobody told me NOTHINGGG!” followed by a sad emoji.

A third posted: “I’m now convinced I know nothing in life,” as a fifth chimed: “The amount of things I learn on TikTok. 

“I would like sue my parents and my school got teaching me NOTHING about life.” 

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Others, meanwhile, were confused to hear people were still using irons at all as many have switched to steamers. 

“People still use irons , no steamers?” one person questioned, while another said: “Who the heck still uses an iron!” 

Despite this video, Fabulous could find no mention about the use of the front of an iron anywhere. 

According to Proper Cloth, the correct way to iron shirt collars is to lay it flat on the board with the back facing up before spraying it with some water.

After waiting 30 seconds for it to soak in, you iron from the “middle of the collar outwards all the way to the tips of the collar points”. 

The experts went on to share that you may need to press slightly harder than you would the rest of the shirt. 

They continued: “When you’re done, put the collar stays back in the collar and fold the collar down again.  

“If you want you can also fold the collar down and iron in a bit of a crease at the front of the collar so that it will angle down sharply.  

“You won’t be able to iron this crease all the way around since the collar is designed to curve, but a little bit of a crease at the front can make things look a bit sharper.”


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