Woman shares bargain IKEA product that makes moving home so much easier & it costs just £3 | The Sun

ANYONE who has moved house before will know just how stressful the process is.

But one savvy woman named Alize has revealed her "packing hack of dreams" that can help make the transition so much easier and smoother – and it's all thanks to a £3 product from Ikea.

In the clip shared to TikTok, she asks: "Are you moving?"

She then notes: "You need to know this hack.

"Moving house or just storing things – the IKEA Dimpa are your guys!"

Alize then goes on to share a list of everything she's packed inside thetransparent storage bags – including clothes, linen, duvets, shows, soft toys, coats board games, towels, Christmas decs, outdoor and indoor cushions, and electronics.


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She then proceeds to commend the Ikea Dimpa bags for being "sustainable, reusable and suitable for garage and loft."

Not stopping there, she adds they're "easy to carry and lift, you can see what's inside" and they're "heavy duty."

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The video has since gone viral, racking up over 728k views and endless comments – with many commending the woman's "smart" suggestion.

"We just did this! These bags were a lifesaver! So easy to pack, move and unpack! And no waste!" wrote one.

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A second penned: "We have to move – this is a life saver!"

A third commented: "I did this too!! I also had 150+ sneakers to move and it helped so much."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Omg I did this and it was so much easier then moving boxes!"

Another noted: "Literally my favourite bags."

A further added: "Moved over 10 times by age 18 (military) Ikea bags are great!"

And one more chimed in: "I don’t know how TikTok knows I am about to move and need these bags, but glad they popped up on my fyp."

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