Woman shares easy way she curls her hair in seconds – and people can’t believe they’ve not thought of it | The Sun

A WOMAN has come up with an ingenious hack to create loose voluminous curls in minutes.

Using the handle Ooh Patty, the influencer took to the video streaming site to share the ingenious hair hack.

First she scooped her waist length hair into a loose ponytail. Leaning forward she then  placed the loose pony at the top of her head. 

She then heated a wand and proceeded to section the hair placed in the ponytail. She then went on to wrap the individual strands around the wand.

Once finished, she carefully removed the hair band and let her blonde hair loosely fall over her shoulders.

And then with a shake and a quick run through her hair with her fingers, she showcased a head full of gorgeous loose curls that packed volume and sophistication.

The finished result had her followers flocking to her page to comment and like the finished result.

Lil Niki wrote “Omg do you know how easy you just made it for me to finally be able to curl my hair!! Thank you, I'm gonna try this now”.

 At that response the influencer replied that the comment had “made her day” and that she would love to find out how her attempt at the hack came out 

Another follower claimed that her hair was too short to attempt the timesaving hair hack. In which gave a tip that could be a game changer for people with short hair. 

She replied to Krissacollins287 she said “Instead of a pony, flip your head over and try it that way! I’ve done that for my friends with short hair.”

While others voiced their appreciation at the time saving hair hack many were just astounded at how quickly  she finished her hair.

They were astounded and glamorous the finished look was, with many comparing it to a trip to see a professional stylist 

Since posting the short video clip it has amassed over four and a half thousand likes.

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