Woman tries the faux freckles hack and loves the results – but people are all saying the same thing | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has gone viral after trying the faux freckle hack – but whilst she loves the results, viewers are of a slightly different opinion.

It's the make-up hack that took over our social media pages this summer – spraying some L'Oreal Magic Retouch grey hair concealer on your face to achieve realistic-looking freckles.

With more than a whopping 600million views on TikTok, the hack has certainly been amongst the favourites for those who live and breathe all things hair and beauty.

One of those who loved it was the influencer, Mireya Rios (@mireyarios), from Mexico, who also shared a video on the social media platform.

''I'm back with the fake freckles, guys,'' she started off the clip.

But unlike in the previous attempts, the make-up fanatic had finally managed to get her hands on the correct product whilst abroad in Turkey.

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''I found the exact same one that she was using, which is Magic Retouch – not Magic Root Cover Up,''Mireya referred to Sydney Purl, whose faux freckles video took the social media by storm.

Intrigued to see the difference, she then proceeded to spray the hair product onto her face, and it's safe to say she was impressed.

Other than having a slightly messy forehead, which she quickly wiped off with a tissue, Mireya loved the final results.

Pointing at the multiple dots across her face, she said: ''Look at that.

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''It looks like natural freckles on my face.''

But whilst she couldn't get over just how ''natural'' the faux freckles looked, the social media users shared a slightly different opinion.

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It seemed that not everyone thought the freckles appeared natural, with one person writing: ''It does not. Lol.''

Someone else penned: ''natural freckles [skull emoji].''

''No it doesn’t,'' a third chuckled and more than 700 others liked the comment.

Another viewer suggested: ''try having the bottle a little bit longer away from your face and it vil [will] look more natural [sic].''

''You’re supposed to do it far away from the face and lightly press is,'' read a recommendation.

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