Woman unashamedly shows off her white outfit at her pal's wedding, but it’s not just the dress that’s left people fuming | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people stunned with her outfit choice for her pal's wedding.

Not only she did break the cardinal rule of wedding guest outfits by wearing WHITE – her footwear option also had others scratching their heads.

A video of the woman showing off her unusual outfit was shared on TikTok by celebrant Alex, who captioned it: "Unless you’ve been asked to wear white, don’t do it! EVER."

In the clip, the woman was seen dancing and waving as she stood on a rock formation, making her taller and more noticeable than all the other guests.

For the occasion, she'd opted for a white minidress with what looked like a fur trim, along with white trainers.

And the bride was seen glancing over at the woman as she walked off to have more pictures taken.

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Despite the fact the bride was smiling, people speculated in the comments section that she'd have been fuming by the woman's outfit choice.

"I would have send her home! Hell nah!" one wrote.

"We need the maid of honor to step up and do the honorable thing here. GET THE RED WINE!" another insisted.

"Why wear white to a wedding? Beyond me," a third commented.

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"I’d be like, 'Oh no she tripped on that rock!'" someone else joked.

"I don't drink but oh man I'm feeling drunk and might spill my really cheep red wine that I brought," another added.

"Send her home. I’m so serious. She doesn’t respect you," someone else wrote

As another person commented: "I’m having the groomsmen stood at the entrance to the venue with red wine water guns at my wedding in case anyone decides to try this."

"I hate that person & I don’t even know them," someone else raged.

People also had a LOT to say about the fact she'd chosen to team her already controversial white dress with a pair of trainers.

"Not only white but sneakers too?! girl bye," one wrote.

"Idk what’s worse the white or the running shoes!" another added.


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"With sneakers? That's a whole other level of disrespect," a third commented.

"The sneaker reveal really took me out," someone else admitted.

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