Woman whose flat ended up covered in black mould shares the mistake she made that caused it to grow more | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the easily-made mistake that left her flat "infested with black mould".

She's making it her mission to clean up her "filthy" London flat, and is documenting the process on her social media pages.

In a recent video, she said that when she first noticed the mould she "went through all the emotions – I felt overwhelmed, repulsed, angry".

"I'm mostly frustrated at myself for not realising sooner," she added.

She then revealed the "two reasons" the mould had happened – the first of which is a broken window.

"It has gaps in the seams and traps in moisture," she said.

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And the second reason is that she "very stupidly put my clothing rack in front of the window, preventing air circulation".

"I'm grateful to have a home," she said.

"But with this flat I feel like it's just one problem after another, and it's getting very overwhelming.

"I did not look at the flat enough. Oh well, it's all a learning curve.

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"And we're gonna shape this place up and get it looking really nice."

After cleaning up all the mould and painting over the window frame, she decided to "keep the window ledge as open as possible to encourage air circulation".

She added a fern near the window, as well as a wax melt burner.

"And good news! The landlord's fixing the window so no more moisture can get in."

"I can’t believe my bedroom window was this mouldy," she captioned her video.

"But so happy with the results!"

"Update: I’ve got an electric dehumidifier and a window vacuum," she added in a comment.

"Am also spraying with vinegar every morning.

"Mould hasn’t returned yet!"

"Same problem in our brand new home… solution was to put a little fan in bedroom to circulate the air… nothing in front of the windows definitely helps," one person commented on the video.

With the woman replying: "Congrats on the new place!

"I haven’t thought of a little fan but it make sense will definitely look into this!!

"Don’t worry, we’re in this together."

"You have to clean all of your clothing that was in front of the window," another added.

"If you can, keep it in drawers."

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"Omg the clothes on the rail were so bad I didn’t even want to show them," she replied.

"I thoroughly washed everything but had to chuck a lot away."

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