You've been applying sunscreen all wrong…There is a body part that you always miss – & it's always exposed to the sun

A BEAUTY whizz has revealed which part of the body you most likely always miss when applying sunscreen.

When it comes to leaving the house – whether it's sunny or cloudy – most of us will put SPF protection only on our face, necks, arms and legs – all the body parts that are typically exposed to the sun.

But turns out, there is one spot the majority has probably never thought of when using sunscreen.

And that part of the body is your scalp – which is especially crucial to look after for those with less hair or experiencing baldness.

This, as GQ explained, is important for several reasons.

Not only is it ''a real headache having a fried scalp'' but it also ''significantly compromises the health of your hair''.

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And of course, there is also skin cancer, with around 2,300 melanoma skin cancer deaths in the UK every year.

Whilst you could wear a hat, there is also another solution – using sunscreen on your scalp, as demonstrated by one beauty whizz on Instagram.

Taking it to the social media giant, Matt (@mattloveshair) explained how to protect your scalp.

With his long locks divided into two sections, the hairstylist first began by squeezing a small amount of sunscreen on the middle part, before tapping it in.

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For extra protection from the sun rays, Matt also suggested using powder SPF, which he applied using a fluffy make-up brush.

Once done, he grabbed a bottle of a UV protective leave-in and generously sprayed it all across his hair.

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To create the ultimate ''SPV/UV Protective bun'', as he called it in the caption, the Instagram-famous hairstylist also used a few drops of pure argan oil throughout bottom section of his hair and tied it together using a silk elastic band.

Matt's video has gone viral, with more than 55,000 likes and countless comments.

''Why have I never thought to do this omg my scalp thanks u [you],'' wrote one fan.

Someone else agreed and shared their journey: ''I got skin cancer in my TWENTIES in my scalp and just had another spot removed from my part.

''I now have a bald spot in the middle of my part and gotta go back for more surgery on my forehead. I’m 31. Wear your sunscreen everywhere yallll [sic].''

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However, not everyone was sold on the hack, with some claiming it wouldn't work for them.

''My oily scalp could never,'' said one critic, whilst a second thought: ''This is so excessive.''

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