You’ve been shaving your legs wrong – my ‘life-changing’ method makes it much easier & I promise you won’t cut yourself | The Sun

DON'T you hate it when you spend 20 minutes in the shower shaving your legs over and over just to realize they're still a little prickly?

If this happens to you, you're probably doing it wrong, but according to expert Courtney Brossart, we were all taught the wrong way.

The upwards motion, against the grain rule, is a common way women are taught to shave their legs.

But apparently, it isn't the most effective.

Whether you're using a certain kind of razor or shaving cream, the movement in which you use your razor is most important.

TikTok influencer Courtney Brossart has become the shaving expert with just one adjustment to her routine.


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In a video of hers, she demonstrates the "real way" to shave your legs which is not only easy but fast.

Courtney prefaces the hack by saying: "It's so quick like I don't mind shaving my legs anymore."

"The real way is super quick, super easy, and it changed my shaving life," she reveals.

Like usual, the first step is to make sure you get your legs wet.

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Dry shaving leaves your skin vulnerable to irritation and cuts.

Next, Courtney says: "Put your little bit of soap, shaving cream, conditioner."

For her, conditioner is what she tends to use because it's what she usually has.

Once your legs are prepped, wet your razor.

"Then instead of just going up like we were taught, you basically go up and down, back and forth, and you don't pick your razor up," she explains.

Despite what you may think, Courtney promises this way will not cause your razor to cut your legs.

Courtney adds, "You don't have to dread shaving your legs anymore."

If you keep going back and forth, you'll see the hairs start to clump at the top of your legs.

"So quick, so easy. I just wanted to make a video because I had not seen it… and no one ever told me, and no one talks about it," Courtney admits.

Viewers of the video appeared to be as in the dark as she was.

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One person tried the trick for the first time and wrote: "I just tried it, wow. now I gotta teach my daughter this way! thank you."

"I just did this and I’m obsessed and armpits work also," another person commented.

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