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If you find yourself constantly flipping your pillow to the 'cold side' at night, one of these best cooling pillows might improve your sleep quality.

Whether you suffer with hot flushes and overheating, are already anticipating sweat and  sleepless nights this summer, or simply prefer feeling a cold surface on your face at night,  there's a lot to be gained from investing in a cooling pillow.

According to The Sleep Council, body temperatures peak in the evening and then slowly drop before bed, with lowest levels occurring when we are in a deep sleep. The ideal temperature for the perfect night's sleep is a cool 16-18°C, which explains why it can be difficult to drop off to sleep when you feel t0o hot or your room is too warm. And, temperatures over 24°C can cause restlessness while you're sleeping, which means you can wake up feeling tired in the morning — no matter how early you went to bed.

So, it's worth doing everything possible to ensure bed and sleeping environment remain cool to ensure you get the best possible night’s sleep, starting with laying your head on a cooling pillow.

Overwhelmed by the vast array of options out there? Don't sweat it, we've rounded up a selection of the best cooling pillows to help keep your head, face and neck feeling fresh while you sleep (including some that we've tried ourselves).

Best cooling pillows at a glance

  • Best value for money: Slumberdown Memory Cool Firm Support Side Sleeper Pillow
  • Best for adjustability: The Simba Hybrid Pillow
  • Best for all year round: Silentnight Wellbeing Collection Cool Touch Pillow
  • Best for firmness: Cooling foam and hollowfibre pillow
  • Best wool pillow: Natural wool pillow with cotton outer
  • Best memory foam pillow: Shredded memory foam pillow
  • Best splash-out option: Silentnight Geltex Pillow
  • Best orthopaedic pillow: Cooling Gel Infused Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain
  • Best set of two pillows: Slumberdown Cool Summer Nights Pillow Pair
  • Most supportive: Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow
  • Best multi use pillow: Tanness
  • Best cooling gel pillow: JML Chillmax Cooling Jel Pillow Inserts 

1. We tested: The Simba Hybrid

  • The Simba Hybrid Pillow, £109 from Simba – buy here

Pros: Customisable height, temperature-regulating, breathable, soft

Cons: Pricey

The Simba Hybrid pillow has been cleverly designed to regulate your temperature and increase airflow.

It incorporates astronaut-inspired temperature regulation, which absorbs, stores and releases heat as and when you need it, which means that — even on a hot summer's night — it'll absorb the heat and keep you cool.

With over 14,000 five-star reviews, we decided to put one to the test and see what all the fuss was about.

As someone who usually opts to buy budget £5 pillows, I was taken aback by the price but once my head hit the pillow, I couldn't believe the difference in comfort.

The pillow is filled with breathable and lightweight nanocubes, which can be removed to adjust the height and firmness of your pillow.

Once I tweaked the height to suit my needs, it was glorious to sleep on. The material is thick, plush and supportive, and I swiftly found myself amongst the army of Simba pillow lovers.

Whilst this is one of more expensive pillows in our round-up, the general consensus of those who have tried it is that it's worth every penny.

Read our full Simba Hybrid Pillow review here.

Material: Cotton, hypoallergenic microfibre, foam Nanocubes, Support: Medium-firm (adjustable)

2. We tested: Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow

  • Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow, £159 from Simba – buy here

Pros: Breathable, temperature-regulating, supportive, adjustable height

Cons: Expensive, might be too big for some pillowcases, firmness may not be to everyone's taste

Simba seems to be storming ahead of its competitors when it comes to cooling technology – the brand features twice in our best cooling mattresses article, too.

The sleep company is known and loved for its Simba Hybrid Firm pillow (and many other products), and we tested it out during a heatwave.

The Hybrid Firm comprises of three individual pillows (two soft fibre pillows and one layer of firm Aerocoil springs), which can be combined and rearraned to adjust the height and firmness of the pillow.

It also features Stratos tech (the astronaut-inspired temperature regulation we mentioned earlier), which means it's as good as a pillow can be at regulating your body temperature.

Whilst it took me a few days to get used to the firmness of the pillow, its superior cooling properties and adjustability make it the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on.

Undeniably the price of the pillow is pretty high (it's the most expensive in this list), but if you're able to afford it, I believe it will be a worthwhile investment.

Read our full Simba Hybrid Firm pillow review here.

Material: Cotton, mesh, Aerocoil, Best for: Back and side sleepers, Support: Firm to medium-firm (adjustable)

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